STOP trying to be a GOOD ACTOR,
so you have a chance at BEING GREAT


I am Jo Kelly, and I am here to help you awaken and shake your infinite & unique talent.


The first thing you should know about me, is that I am not an acting teacher but a coach. I do not believe you can be taught how to act but you can be reminded how to BE and you can muscle that—like any pro. 

When I started acting, I realized I had potential (like everybody else) but I had apparently a strong resistance to tap into it. And I was not alone. It seemed like 99% of the actors I knew had the same problem... And all the acting classes I took were avoiding the question by feeding me mathematical approaches, techniques and "foolproof" success recipes. 

So I decided to research the matter of the instinct and eventually, I succeeded to reset my instrument to it's original state: FREEDOM & AUTHENTICITY. As soon as I did, I got immediate work and success. ( You can watch my Acting Reel here)


This was so exciting to me that I immediately decided to share this with other actors, and as I started coaching them, I witnessed mind-blowing results.

What I did was this:  I addressed their inner blocks and I helped them muscle up their very unique instincts. More on that here below in the philosophy section.


For more than 20 years now, I have coached a lot of actors -whom I prefer to refer to as artists, athletes, awarded or not-,  to shift from doubt to commitment and  fear to passion. Helping them enjoy truth & freedom during their auditions, plays, TV shows and lead roles in movies. Check out the testimonials.


For the last 20 years, I have also coached individuals to align with their true & higher self and corporate managers to dissolve fear, build confidence, present, resolve conflict, manage, sell, reach their goals and create a happier life in general. More on corporate.


You should also know that, I believe in remaining professionally active so parallel to my coaching practice, I direct theatre, documentary and film and I have had the chance of receiving several awards both in acting and directing. ( I do not act anymore though)


As for my education, I have an MBA in business & human resource management and attended performance schools in Brussels, Paris, Madrid and the US. 


On a side note, I am half Belgian, half Irish... And I have lived and still coach in Brussels, Paris, Zurich, Madrid and I currently live in Los Angeles with my husband and our 2 kids Elvis & Tyger.



"Kids play to experience. Adults play to win."


Have you ever noticed? Kids play ALL DAY, they are the best actors and they have never been to acting school.

They are still free & authentic, because society hasn’t had time to tell them how "they should" behave yet. So they are still their unique self. Freely exploring every moment.

"I believe you can't be taught how to act. You know how to act.

Get rid of your conditioning (resistance) and

train your instrument back to its freedom and truth."

Acting is the art of living. "L'art de vivre"... Who could teach you that? 

The life that runs through your veins is very unique and once you get rid of your resistance and muscle up your instinct, you will feel very truthful and free again and you will be able to impact your audience and book the roles that are meaningful to you.


"Break those walls and celebrate your uniqueness.

My job is to assist you in doing just that.” 


Since I do not believe in a method as such, I never ask myself what a coaching session will be about. I am however looking forward to discover the moment with you. Paying attention to your uniqueness and what is in its way. And though there will be no long talks about old techniques and methods, we will work on your physical, emotional and spiritual instrument in an unstoppable quest to uncover your freedom and truth, point at which you surrender and the life in you springs.

Want to join the ride? Start by watching my free webinar



Our process is grounded in a few core principles:

  • Truth and freedom are the only results we are aiming for. 

  • Commitment through passion balances fear out.

  • We always explore and never look for a result.

  • We stop acting and start being.

Languages coached in:

English, French, Spanish, passive German. 


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Jo kelly's team
Jo Kelly's team

Priscilla is our tech genius. She handles everything that works with our systems basically;-) 

Any problem we have, she can handle it and we wouldn't be here without her! She is also helps to edit our free content and our online communities.

Iolanda is our everything. She is our community manager, customer satisfaction genius and free content manager on social media;-) Anything that comes from us to you, she's got something to do with it!!! 

Iolanda is also an actress, assistant director and producer and she has studied my programs in and out in order to provide the best support to our customers.

Mark and Kiki are the owners of KomVent GmbH, the agency that takes care of the communication of my workshops in Europe. 
Mark has been working in the communication and event business for over 12 years and is

my wizard behind the scenes. He has a solution for every idea I come up with and figures out how to make it work. Next to business he has a passion for music and loves to spend hours in his studio as a DJ. 
Kiki works as an actress herself – she knows the business and knows how you feel.  She`s your personal contact and helpmate. Her aim is to fully support you and to take care of all your concerns. 
Next to acting she`s also working as a co-host in a swiss TV-Show called "Happy Day"- the name says it all!