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A casting director workshop is the opportunity to show your best -coached- work to a casting director ( Corinna Glaus + a couple directors).  

The focus will be to learn to love the process, making sure you show up GRAND instead of belittled in the casting room or on set. After all the casting director & director are your clients, so they want everything you've got!



This time, Corinna Glaus will be present during part of the first session in order to get to know you and if she already does she might have some specific intentions for you. She will also talk a little about her goals for you during the casting process and she will set some intentions for the whole group. The following days, each actor will be coached ( without Corinna) on 1 scene and 1 monologue ( of their choice) to optimize their performances for the last day of the workshop, the "performance day". Corinna Glaus and a couple directors ( Giacun Caduff, Lisa Blatter & Nadia Fares) will be present during the performance to help you with some feedback on your work.

Corinna & the directors will then talk about their work & process before opening the discussion to Q&A.

Carlos Leal will be our special guest midweek to give actors pro tips on making unique choices to build inner power while remaining free and truthful on set.




A lot of actors resent the casting process. Working with a coach who will help you develop your uniqueness to make the only choices you could make will help you shift your perspective with regards to the casting process.

Shift from “hoping to be good enough” to “pursuing the only choice that could come from you” and therefore be remembered for a future project if you are not fit for this one. The actor-director relation can also sometimes be unclear and this showcase will explore ways create better choices, together.




Day 1- Exchange with Corinna Glaus + Work on figuring out each participant’s essence after which material ( texts) are chosen.

Day 2, 3, 4- Physical and emotional exercises to open up and boost freedom & truth. Work on scenes and monologues making not only strong choices but unique propositions. (Carlos Leal will be our special guest midweek to give actors pro tips on making unique choices to build inner power while remaining free and truthful on set.)

Day 5- Performance day + casting & director presentation & talk.

Every individual is addressed specifically in terms of his objective and blocks like in a private setting even if it is a group class.

Bring a 2 min monologue and a 2 min scene that you would LOVE to explore but have never worked on before and don't prepare it or learn it. For the actors who do not master English, it is strongly recommended to choose German texts. 




Professional actors or beginners. 12 max.

Guests: Corinna Glaus, Ciacun Caduff, Lisa Blatter, Nadia Fares.

Special guest: Carlos Leal.




July 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, from 1 to 5 pm 

4 days coaching + 1 performance day 

Total: 20 hours.




Rote Fabrik, Seestrasse 395, 8038 Zürich.




CHF 550




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