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If you are comited to taking care of your instrument, this is the place to consistently purge blocks, muscle up instinct and get purposeful. 


This is not your typical acting class. Usually we go to classes to find answers and solutions. This work out is about finding yourself and taking care of your instrument. No magic method is offered because we believe your uniqueness is far more powerful than any method could be. Acting is the art of living and thank god there is no magic recipee to it! 

July sign ups are open



Learn how to self coach yourself through the negative emotions that put too much weight on your work and start freeing yourself up.


There is a lot of pressure to handle when we perform. Some of it is firing adrenaline BUT some of it is toxic fear. EFT is the latest and most effective technique to literally dissolve emotions such as stress, stage panic, casting or performance anxiety and rejection. With EFT, rebooting & rewiring your brain (creating new neural pathways) is fast, effective and easy to do by yourself!

Event full.

But you can sign up for the next one!



Determine the purpose of your acting and become an unstoppablebulletproof,  and impactful actor and artist.


Pulled in every direction from childhood onwards, we are submerged with obligations and hence often forget we are here for a reason. Reconnecting with our purpose and having that clear vision is the essential root needed to all artistic work.


May 16 & 17, 2015 but you can sign up for the next one!



Take the night dive and get your instinct quickly back on its feet to give unique performances.


Our instinct can sometimes be tricky to hunt down because social life demands “appropriateness”... We have to fit & follow rules 99% of the time.


April 17 & 18, 2015

but you can sign up for the next one!



DIRECTORS: understand the actor's needs to direct with insight & truth. ACTORS: make strong propositions in order to collaborate with your director.


The actor-director relationship is often challenging or inexistant. In order to reep effective and long lasting results from your collaborations with each other, it is life changing to experience and understand your respective processes.

L.A. private coaching



If you know where you are at and exactely what you need, this is your breakthrough plan.


A private setting is only about you. It's intimate and extremely effective. I will laser in on your specific situation and we'll be able to take everything into account. Together, we'll determine a goal, a strategy and an action plan. We will continually measure your results and hold you accountable so you can get where you want to fast! Fill in the form below if you want me to contact you and discuss your specific needs .

Get free tips to train your uniqueness and create life impacting performances.
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