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Embrace who you truly are in order to enjoy and share your creative gifts.


The creativity workshop is addressed to anyone who would like to lead a more creative life. A lot of people suffer from a lack of creativity, often thinking creativity is reserved for artists and that certain professions do not allow it. This workshop will prove you wrong and awaken your deepest creative instinct ( the ones that were already in you when you came to this world as a child).



Unroot your deepest creative instinct & power and reclaim your uniqueness in order to share your gift and passion. Whatever your goal and life is.



Education and society too often put pressure on us to behave in very constricted ways, and we find ourselves stuck, unable to be ourselves, unable to be creative and with nothing to offer, -which is a big loss to everyone-. Creativity is essential to happiness because it helps lead a life and career the way we chose, sharing our precious gift with our surrounding.   



Working through overwhelm & fears.

Setting essential creative goals & quieting the critical voice.

Celebrating your uniqueness & outrageaous dreams.

And rest assured, if you are the shy type, or like to keep your feelings to yourself, we've got you covered...These experiences can seem pretty overwhelming but we will make sure everyone finds the way to their uniqueness, wether you will do it through singing, writing, dancing, drawing, yelling, dreaming or shushing, I will coach you to get your creative power back!

The sessions will be translated when needed.



Why should we all be more creative ? Because nothing makes people as ecstatic, courageous, free, generous, passionate, beautiful and empathic. So this workshop is for anyone who wants to use more creative power in their life or work. Max 18 participants.



Module 1: initiation, 2: development, 3: mastery

This workshop is currently unscheduled. Sign up to get prioritary notification.

12 hours.



Rote Fabrik, Seestrasse 395, 8038 Zürich.




CHF 280




If you are interested in speaking to us directly about how this program will serve you, fill in the form below, and we'll contact you shortly. This program is for 12 participants. 


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