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allows you to coach with me 1- on -1 on any project you have,

from anyplace in the world at anytime you want. 





A semi-private setting is ideal to zoom in on you, while learning a lot from others who are mirroring parts of yourself.


We laser in on your situation or project ( castings, movie, play, album, production, writing or just ongoing training) and together, we determine a goal, a strategy and an action plan. We continuously measure your results and hold you accountable so you get where you want to FAST & efficiently! 


This group is about always raising the bar and creating exactly what you want. This is about honoring yourself and committing to taking care of your artistic statement & your project wherever it's at. 


This is the place to consistently purge blocks, muscle up instinct and get purposeful to use truth and freedom in order to BE rather than act and TO CREATE your work.

Why a weekly semi-private ?

-You get more attention from me. My eyeballs on your specific projects. You are held accountable. You make things happen that wouldn't have happened.

-We live in the crazy "like generation" and we work for a crazy industry. It is more and more difficult for artists to keep their integrity intact as everything out there is pulling in the other direction.

-So, get to work every week + keep yourself in check and keep raising the bar  to maximize your potential and your results. 

What artists say


American crime, When we rise


"I have worked with Jo Kelly in person at her workspace in Los Angeles, but have also worked with her at a distance; in Austin, Texas during American Crime, as well as Vancouver, Canada for When We Rise. There have even been occasions where Jo and I have both been in LA and meeting online was just easier, simpler, more efficient, and always left me feeling accomplished and fulfilled."


All my children, The visitors


Working with Jo from near or far is always a transformative and wholly liberating experience. I have coached in the room with her, and have also prepared entire projects with her over Skype, and both methods have deepened my understanding of the character and the material and my relationship to both in critical ways. I prepped an entire play with Jo from where I was in New York to where she was in Europe and LA. We broke down every beat together, and just like being in the room with her, I would always come away with not only a detailed understanding of exactly what my character was experiencing, but also a personal and spiritual connection to the role. Her gift as a teacher knows no bounds, and I found she was able to help me access all the depths of my heart, even from the opposite side of the world. I owe a lot to Jo, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to go to a deeper and more truthful place in themselves and their work."


Singer, actor, SWITZERLAND


"After working with Jo in Zurich, Switzerland, I honestly was not sure if and how online coaching works. After our first online sessions, I was surprised and amazed how we even could raise the intensity and the results were highly effective. Jo’s online coaching is as direct as a 1:1 live session, plus I can work in my own private space, for me, that makes it easy and secure. We work that way now for over two years and I still love it"     


Twice a week from 18h30  (CET), 9.30 am ( PST ).

Choose your day & time for your 1 session/week and peek in all other sessions;-)


Lock in your spot for $395 /month

Pay 3 months in full and save $75

This group is ongoing & the minimum commitment is 3 months



This group is only for journey and purpose graduates.

25 minutes one-on-one coaching time, per participant, each session + the group time.

Most participants are writing & producing their own projects ( albums, plays, TV shows, Feature films, etc)

New comers will be encouraged to start with a small project;-)



1/ You sign up.

2/ You get access to the ongoing zoom room.

3/ You upload your scene or exercise on our private ongoing FB group, if it was part of your assignments to have one.

4/ I coach you for 25 minutes : we review your uploaded work and determine your subsequent action points till the next session.

5/ The rest of the session you learn from seeing the other actors being coached.

Whether you are working on an audition, movie, tv show, play, writing project, musical project or just on training your instrument, this work out stretches you beyond what you have transformed in the 2 previous groups. You take on some projects, you get triggered, and we coach you to expand into BEING even bigger. And that is so much fun and tangible and concrete results produced by participants are HUGE!!


Fill in the form below if you want me to contact you to discuss your specific needs .



If you are ready to dive in and want to lock in your spot straight away, let us know in your message below and we will send you the confirmation details.

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