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  • Jo Kelly

#1- Don't act, just BE- Share the magic!

As most of you know, I am a coach and story teller.

As a coach, I don’t believe in teaching a method and that is because I believe in human beings and the uniqueness of every individual.

So my coaching is primarily about working through everything that is in the way of greatness. Layer by layer clearing the resistance that sits & sticks in between essence and potential.

As a result, every time I coach, every time I sit with a client -wether an artist or a business person-, I witness a unique story unfold.

And stories connect, stories awaken, stories guide us on our path. Mythology has been around since the beginning of time because humans have always wanted to understand and relate in order to move forward.

So because I feel very fortunate to be allowed in the beautiful complexity of my clients, the story teller in me wants to spread the magic…

From now on, I will share what I have the privilege of experiencing. One story per week to remember that we are all very different beings dancing around the same thing… Exploring and expressing our life purpose.

Looking forward to land some “Don’t act, just be” goodness in your inbox!


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