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  • Jo Kelly

Increase your performance by 27%

I think I remember a time, -probably around 13-, when I use to say “I am not afraid of anything!” Ha! That was a loooong time ago… Eventually I woke up to what I was about and realized how big my thirst for life was…How much I wanted to expand and grow. That’s when fear hits you;-/

When you embrace why you are here and allow yourself to want it big. Wether it is ultimate peace through meditation or amazingly ambitious & crazy projects. You want + You know you can fail = You get afraid.

Why do you think every single high level profession (from the best doctors, to leading business men, accomplished artists, politicians & presidents, athletes, you name it…) functions with mentors & coaches?

Because the coach will help build the mindset it takes to work through fear. It makes you stretch where it’s uncomfortable. And change is very uncomfortable even for the best. It’s one of the least favorite human habits. It takes gut to change and expand; so as high level performers always aim to reach further, to their new full potential, they always hire a coach to make sure they’ll commit.

They want someone right by their side to say: “Yes, that was good and this is how you can do even better”. Or the same person saying: “That sucked, you can do better than than, let’s purge that resistance and try again”.

A coach is not a teacher, though. In fact, a coach doesn’t have anything to teach you. The coach observes you, figures out where you are at, where you wanna go and they provide exercises to purge your fear, muscle up your skills and keep you on track by holding you accountable (which I believe is the most important part).

Think of the coach as the little old guy behind Rocky who makes him fight back when he wants to sit down. He makes sure you are not afraid to be afraid. ULTIMATELY, THE DATA IS CLEAR: A COACH = 27% HIGHER PERFORMANCE.

If you want it big or even different, if you are ready to stretch, expand, have fun and feel truth, freedom and purposeful when you act, let me know and we can schedule a call to determine if we are a fit.

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