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When You’re Contemplating Quitting...

It's normal to sometimes feel exhausted or overwhelmed with this business. But when that frustration doesn't seem to dissipate over time, it can turn into anger and resentment, and even wanting to quit acting altogether.

Let's face it, this industry can be exasperating. You want to be a part of it so badly, but it can often feel impossible to get your foot in the door. You're ready to audition and take a bite out of those juicy roles, but maybe you don't have an agent yet or not one that’s sending you out anyway... Or you're getting auditions but not booking enough work to make the money you need to have a decent life.

Do you feel like a hamster on a spinning wheel, working hard and getting nowhere?

You’re not alone. I hear from a lot of actors who want to start working with me that the results they see just aren't matching their efforts. I hear them say, “It's not fair. It's too random. It's all about chance. I just want to act and express myself. And I'm fed up. I hate it, and I want to quit.”

I totally understand. What is the point of being so passionate, spending so much time, energy and money year after year to not see comparable progress?

Now, as much as we may want to, we can't change the industry (at least not instantly), but what we can change is our perception of the industry. So, I’ve put together a video training to help you tackle your frustration and get a new lease on your acting career.

Before we dive further into this heavy subject, be sure to join the waitlist for my next free Instinctive Actor webinar. It's a chance for us to connect and go deeper into the work we do as Instinctive Actors and an opportunity to explore how you can work through your resistance and nurture your instinct.

Here are a few highlights we covered in the training:

  1. The way I see it, you can look at your situation as an amateur or as a professional.

  2. As an amateur, if acting is just a hobby, and it's not fulfilling or pleasurable, then yeah, you should definitely quit. There is no point in putting so much energy into a hobby and getting nothing back.

  3. If you're a professional, then act like it. A pro knows that there is no value to be gained from getting emotional and upset over challenges. Instead, they address the situation and figure out where the adjustments need to be. For example, is it that you're not being called out for the castings that you want? Is there something about your headshot that isn't revealing who you are? Is there an issue with your agent?

  4. Once you see where the issue lies, face it like a PRO. Look at your acting career like a business and address the problem authentically and effectively. Take responsibility for the results you’ve seen in the past and start focusing on what YOU can change NOW to improve YOUR future.

(P.S. You already know that you're a pro. It's not a question of whether you are or not, but whether you will stand up as one, regardless of whether you're working as much as you want or not.)

Now, enjoy the video training!

Do you get frustrated and fed up with the industry sometimes? It's time to let it out.

Share in the comments below what your version of the exhaustion and feelings of wanting to quit sometimes looks like; it might be helpful for other people going through those same emotions to know they aren't alone. :) And then share what actions you are going to take or have taken in the past.

You can find additional support in our private online community, The Instinctive Actors’ Society. Get access to more free training videos and resources, and connect with other like-minded actors. Just click the link below to join us.

Have a great week!



Whenever you’re ready, here are TWO ways I can help you:

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