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  • Jo Kelly

Why do some actors seem to ALWAYS book, but not you?

When I start working with actors, I often hear frustrations that they keep seeing other people constantly booking while they keep struggling.

"This actor looks like me. I always see him at auditions,

and he always ends up getting the role I want." "She's ALWAYS booking, but we're so similar, so why not me?"

Or there is some variation, like the other actor is better looking, more unusual, taller, shorter, bigger, smaller, buffer, slimmer, sexier, less sexy, and on and on... In fact, it doesn't really matter what the comparison is because for every actor seeing someone one way, there is another actor comparing themselves for the opposite reason.

We feel like other people always have what we're missing.

Whatever it is that the other person is doing, we want to know! ;)

The tendency is to figure out what they do that works, but this is an impossible notion, guys. You cannot duplicate their path; you can only walk your own.

So, I’ve put together a video training to help you stop the endless comparisons and clear the way to embracing and enjoying your own uniqueness.

If you haven't already taken my free Instinctive Actor webinar, I recommend you get on the waitlist now for the next LIVE session. During the 90-minute masterclass, you will begin to see what is standing between you and the freedom you desire, and what steps to take to move toward it.

Click the image below to join the waitlist now.

Here are a few highlights we covered in the training:

  1. The actors who are booking work are not asking themselves, "Why did I just book this job over someone else?" They are not bogging down their mind with questions of what is the right way to do something. They are just doing it. We've been wired to learn from everything that is external: classes, teachers, assignments, grades, approval, whatever. We're not encouraged to trust ourselves. So, when a challenge arises, we start looking outward to figure out how we're "supposed" to behave, "how should I...?" The answer actually lies within.

  2. There is no right way. There is only your way. What a relief, huh? When you find your way, your instinct, your uniqueness, this is what will help you book work. When you're simply being you, and alive - this is what casting directors are looking for in actors.

  3. So what actions can you take to discover your way?

  • Get to know your instrument.

  • Start relying on it.

  • As you continue to do this, it will become easier (and instinctive!) to focus on yourself and your character, instead of on outside ways of doing things. So when you go to auditions, you can be specific, unique and desirable.

Now, enjoy the video training!

Have you been comparing yourself to other actors? Let me know in the comments below what actions you're going to take to first to get to know your instrument better and embrace your own path.

You can find additional support in our private online community, The Instinctive Actors’ Society. Get access to more free training videos and resources, and connect with other like-minded actors. Just click the image below to join us.

Until next time!



Whenever you’re ready, here are TWO ways I can help you:

1. Join my free Facebook Group, THE INSTINCTIVE ACTORS’ SOCIETY, exclusively for actors who are ready to go from good to great and become undeniable.


2. Get on the waitlist for my course, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom, 1. and stop struggling to access your natural, authentic talent in the audition room or on set. You’ll learn how to reset your instrument to be 100% instinctive and free in just 33 days.

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