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  • Jo Kelly

Are You Getting Enough Auditions Right Now?

When actors don’t have auditions, it can feel like they’re doomed. You can wait and feel frustrated.

A lot of the belief is that auditions are hard because they come from ‘the outside’ and you don’t have a say in whether you’re invited to audition or not. It results in a lot of actors feeling like the responsibility and blame is on other people for how often they audition or not.

You can feel stuck. I get that.

Actors will then address their lack of auditioning with different approaches.

  • Some keep re-doing their headshots.

  • Many hustle hard to get an agent and make that their priority.

  • Many self-submit a lot.

First, let’s examine the root cause of WHY you’re not auditioning and reverse-engineer how we can take care of it.

When you watch my training below you'll discover that the no. 1 thing you need to take care of is your raw material. You’re an actor so if you don’t have a completely open, instinctive, and flowing instrument then your foundation is off to a rocky start. Without that first ingredient, nothing in the chain of events after that can happen. Your headshots, reel and agent will only represent a fraction of your talent and presence.

If you’re blocked, nervous, people-pleasing or stuck-in-the-text that means that you’re not fully free and available.

When your instrument is 100% alive, the camera will capture your magnetism in your headshot and in your reel. People will stop because they’re looking at someone who is more present than anything they’ve ever seen.

When an actor is open, free and alive, you can’t take your eyes off them.

And then inevitably you get an agent that is excited about you and casting directors who are itching to cast you.

Sadly, most actors don’t have 100% open instruments because they go the generic, ‘good’ not extraordinary route.

Most of us have been conditioned out of instinct because society has molded us to fit in, not stand out.

Instead of putting your resources into external things that are further down the chain, invest your time and money into YOU.

Watch my training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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And to take the conversation a little further, I’d love to hear from you.

Post a comment in our private Facebook Group, so we can take the discussion farther. You’ll also get access to more videos and resources, and connect with more than a THOUSAND like-minded actors across the globe for extra accountability.

If you’re not already a member, be sure to request to join ASAP.

See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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