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  • Jo Kelly

Do I Deserve Success? I haven't been at it that long!

Let’s look at whether you deserve to have success if you’re a beginner actor.

The word deserving is a trigger word because it means you’re doing, having or showing qualities that are worthy of reward or punishment.

If you’re new in the business you probably think that you have to wait, put in years of hard work and pay your dues first before you have success. So your expectation might be low and you’re probably setting yourself up for failure.

The 2nd category is that you’ve been at it for a long time and people have to ‘wait in line’ first before they experience success, otherwise it’s unfair. That’s a downward spiral to get lost in because inevitably you’ll get bitter and you’re focused on the result not the present.

There’s absolutely no relationship between you booking great jobs and your blood, sweat and tears put in as an actor.

Why do you get stuck in these categories?

The whole deserving premise is screwed up!

When you watch my training you'll discover that It comes from a traditional, out-dated education system that teaches us that we have to work to receive value and worthiness. And if you don’t, you should not get love and acceptance.

You deserving of value means that as a human being, you don’t have any. That’s how we’re conditioned and we work hard to receive that value. That’s total BS.

When you book a job, it means that you’re showing up as you, not because of hard work. But just showing up fully you, present and authentic, knocked their socks off. Who cares if you were at it for a long time or not!

Again, your value is not determined by the work you put in. You are perfect and deserving simply because you exist.

Casting doesn’t care about your education in acting skills or techniques. They want open and alive human beings. That’s the only thing they’re looking for!

You might be wired to that old conditioning that’s blocking you from your authenticity. You just need to undo all that.

Watch my training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

Let us know if you want to get out of the prison of that old conditioning. Get in touch with us click here and write us an email with the word RESET BLOG and we’ll send you some info.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom.

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