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  • Jo Kelly

You Don’t Have Enough Time To Train As An Actor?

As actors, you may get in the loop of doing so many things (doing workshops, networking, redoing your reel or headshots, etc.) that you may feel you don’t have enough time to train. And when you get an audition or book a job, you may feel rusty, not warmed up or incapable of being present, open and free since you have not trained before. This can be really frustrating since as an actor you want to be able to perform and be grounded as an artist.

When you don’t train your instrument, you’re not able to feel your artistic self. You’re just a machine doing all the business side of acting. And you may have tried to be more organized and force yourself to fit more in one day so that you could train. But that’s not sustainable. After a couple days training, you’ll feel tired and give up.

However, when you watch my training below you will discover what really happens is that you use the excuse of time in order to hide and not show up for the main ingredient that would affect everything else on your plate, which is your instrument and your capacity to be fully alive, present and instinctive. And it’s delusional to think that the rest of priorities you’ve put on your agenda are gonna be met if you are not the center of them. In other words, if your instrument is not trained and completely alive, free and unique; none of those things matter because they won’t work. When you’re not 100% you, people cannot connect with you.

The reason why you use time as an excuse in order not to train is because part of you knows that in order to be 100% you, you’re going to have to look at your shit, at your truth. You’re going to look into sticky places. And that can be scary and uncomfortable sometimes. So you hide behind the feeling of being busy and overwhelmed, which is socially acceptable.

In the work we do with actors, we invite them to look inside, undo their conditioning and reset themselves. When they do that work, they stop numbing themselves and pretending and they go back to their heart and truth. This has become scary since we’ve been brought up in a world where we were not encouraged to feel, but to behave, please others and fit in. But going into your truth is the most rewarding thing an actor can experience.

Watch the training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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