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"If you go to any corporate work place right now, it is fueld by burn out, sleep deprivation, exhaustion. This is not sustainable. It’s time to change the world in which we are participating."


                       ARIANNA HUFFINGTON

Executive coaching for high profile and developping leaders & their teams

Jo kelly's TO BE OR NOT TO ACT business coaching Los Angeles and Europe

Why executive coaching? 


The pace of change is accelerating exponentially… what we knew an hour ago isn’t enough.


Looming deadlines, information overload, unclear communication, stress, conflict, pressure to work harder, faster and produce better results are the circumstances under which you are not always able to access your most effective self.


When it becomes impossible to make sense of the work you do, let alone the life you live or when you can’t find time anymore to reflect on yourself, that’s when coaching comes in.


How does it work?


To be or not to act provides a radical and custom made approach based on: 

- a continuous use of the latest research & tools in the field

- an alternative and unique set of skills derived from the acting world

- A-list clients

- 20 years experience in coaching

- 5 years personal experience in the corporate world

- an MBA & masters in HR managment


To be or not to act believes in "A la carte" & contract-oriented short engagements during which the executive's challenges are worked through and his/her  performance   level  is  literally   reprogrammed. 


To be or not to act does not believe in anything less than aligned, mindful, purposeful, inspiring and happy executives & teams.



Jo kelly's TO BE OR NOT TO ACT business coaching Los Angeles and Europe

For whom?


Top executives. Developping leaders. Teams. 


TO BE OR NOT TO ACT does not believe in processes but individuals, so the engagements are unique to every situation. An engagement could encompass one or all of the following: overwhelm & stress managment, conflict resolution & negotiation skills, acting skills for presentations, presence & speech writing, clarity of purpose & focus,  complex transitions & navigation through change, alignement & inspiration, clear goal setting, action & accountability, strategy reflection & integrity, team building & synergies.



Client list:


CEE, Brussels.



CISCO, Paris.

YAEL LANDMAN's collections for Sonia Rykiel, A. Vandervorst, Kiki de Montparnasse. Paris, New York and Brussels.

ENTRORGER, Brussels.



Jo is part of  TPC Leadership





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