Jo kelly's TO BE OR NOT TO ACT labs or workshops Los Angeles and Europe



Jo Kelly's online acting workshops have become an international and revolutionary movement stemming from Los Angeles. 

To Be or Not to Act exists to undo all social and emotional conditioning so that we can be reminded how to BE (and not act) in full authenticity and freedom. 


BEING fully free and therefore fully present is what enables actors to deliver incredibly alive, raw, and truthful performances and that is why so many actors say Jo Kelly’s trainings are the best acting workshops in LA and the best acting workshops online ever.

Jo used to hold in person acting workshops in Europe and in person acting workshops in LA until her research proved that consistent daily training with her exercises for a certain period of time would radically transform an actor and their instrument for good rather than just inspire them.


That is where the main difference lies with conventional acting methods:  Jo Kelly offers a unique re-wiring journey experience that addresses the root cause of the acting discomfort rather than teaching external techniques and “how to” methods.


The guaranteed result: the actors feel present, alive, free, authentic and at ease when they act.


Because Jo Kelly insists on the fact that no one can teach anyone how to act but that rather she can help actors unlearn what is preventing them from being fully free, truthful and therefore present, Jo is never coming up with new acting workshops.


Jo Kelly does not have « new offerings » to sell, such as new online acting workshops or new acting workshops in LA because she sticks to the fact that actors don’t need to learn anything new, they just need to unlearn all conditioning so they can return to their pure truthful, free and authentic self. 


And it is from that truthful and free state of being that actors in her community testify being able to feel extraordinary when they act and that is of course why they are able to book more important high level roles.


To hear more about the unlearning and rewiring of your instrument, you can get this free training here, Stop trying to be a good actor so you have a chance at being great.


Actors can listen to Jo Kelly and get more info on Jo Kelly’s online acting workshops by joining her free community the instinctive actors society or on INSTAGRAM here.


If you are an actor and you are done struggling when you act and you are ready to start being part of what actors call the best acting workshops in LA and the best acting workshops online, you can join the waitlist to make sure you can start this work very soon.

Jo Kelly’s acting journey has a profound and life changing impact on Audition Skills, Self-taping Skills, Acting for Film, Acting for Theatre, Scene Study, Cold Reading, Voice and Speech, Casting Director Workshops, etc


Caitlin Gerard

Thank you so much Jo. You are so helpful.

OWEN WILSON - Wonder, The Royal Tenenbaums, Wedding crashers, Midnight In Paris, ... IMDB

Karen Strassman.jpg

I am really grateful for the Reset Journey. I just got offered a new recurring TV role…and I totally credit the Reset for how I showed up at the audition and the choices I made.


I am very grateful and I believe in and respect what Jo is doing.


KAREN STRASSMAN - The Onania Club, Mayans M.C., Bosch IMDB

joana manuel.jpg

I'm back together again. I can't remember the last time I felt back together again. I have an instrument now. I really do feel I have an instrument... I'm more able to share, to create, not to produce, but to CREATE. That came back to me too.

In my rehearsals, some great things are happening: some experiences of not controlling at all. The feeling of being so true to my emotions and to the lyrics I'm singing, the freedom of being happy, of being whole.

I really feel transformation, a road, a path... The joy of being present? You can't put a price on that.

JOANA MANUEL - Amar Demais, Circo Paraíso and Are u there...? PORTUGAL. IMDB

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11.31.03

With the reset, I found my way back to my truth…. to my self. It’s been such a game changer for me.

I feel like I have been looking for a journey like this for So long, it gives me chills.  Because going through life... we put a cap on our emotions, on everything that happens to us and I personally became a caricature of myself, so I was ready to tap back into my truth, and the Reset Journey really enabled me to do that. 

So I use to hate auditions cuz I had so much resistance and I would try and pull it together and suppress certain things and now I know how to come exactly how I am.

And also, I was’t even sure I could do something like that online and actually the fact that it’s online is amazing cuz you can do it from anywhere! Really helpful for my acting but great for anybody... artist or not who wants to get back to their truth, it’s really amazing!


BRITTANY DANIEL- Sweet Valley HighThe GameBlackish. IMDB

Brittany Allen

One of the biggest things that separates Jo from other teachers is she doesn't try to impose a voice on you. She provides you with the space and the tools to find and cultivate your own voice, which is unique from any other. 


Working with Jo has been invaluable, for both my growth as an actor and as a person. I would recommend her to anyone who is done trying to be anything other than exactly who they are, in all their glory.


BRITTANY ALLEN - What Keeps You Alive, It Stains the Sands Red and The Boys. IMDB

Laura Spencer

"Je ne trouve pas les mots pour te remercier… Merci de m’avoir encouragé, merci pour ton entraînement, pour ta patience, merci pour ton humanité et ton amour des acteurs et des personnes en général… MERCI du fond du cœur !! Ce voyage a été vraiment libérateur pour moi".

MARION HUGUENIN - Love in Paris, Soleil, and La Fin. IMDB

Carlos Leal

Le plus difficile pour un acteur, c'est de se débarrasser de son costume social pour ne laisser apparaître que l'âme qui est en lui. Pour cela, il faut des années d'expérience.

Jo Kelly a une qualité d'écoute et de compréhension qui lui permet de voir tout de suite à travers notre costume social afin de dévoiler notre vraie nature, celle que l'on recherche tous pour atteindre la vérité dans le jeu. J'ai travaillé avec pas mal de coach et je pense que c'est une qualité rare.


CARLOS LEAL - Agents of Shield, Devious Maids, Casino Royale. IMDB

Laura Spencer

"When I first met Jo I was going through a period of self doubt. Right away she forced me to stop making excuses and to refocus my energies. Jo demands that her students love and respect the stories they tell and helps them find the passion and clarity to tell them. Each session brings a different set of challenges and techniques, which never allows one to get too comfortable. Jo ignites in her students a passion for acting and encourages them to rise to their fullest potential as artists, storytellers, and humans. I am forever grateful for her time, love, and support."

LAURA SPENCER - Reservation Dogs, Bones, Matt and Dan. IMDB


I'm so grateful for this opportunity of growing this way and of just being me. Thank you for creating this journey. I needed to do it so much in my life.


KRUPA PATTANI - Actrez & Director.  Bina & Betty, Citizen Khan, M.I.High.  IMDB

Caitlin Gerard

I have been working with Jo Kelly for the past three years and during this time I have grown immensely as an actor. Jo Kelly creates a safe space where the actor can wholeheartedly delve into their work. At the core of her practice acting is not so much about acting but rather the focus remains on the integrity, truth, respect, and, understanding of a character. Her process frees you from your ego and let’s you lose yourself completely in a role. What is so wonderful about Jo is that she is not the type of coach that seeks to make the actor dependent on their mentor rather she teaches you techniques that build up your repetoire so that you can work independently and she strives to help you grow as a human and an actor. Not only has Jo guided me through auditions and thorough character development for jobs I’ve booked, but Jo has also been extremely supportive in tackling the artistic angst that many actors struggle with. She has raised my confidence and self-awareness. I am incredibly grateful to have a mentor like Jo Kelly in my life. 


CAITLIN GERARD - American crime, Social network, Smiley, Jan. IMDB


You get reset and suddenly you see there's a lot more to go into and now you can listen to yourself and understand that your resistance is a gift. So I'm appreciative of my resistance, I'm appreciative of the Journey. I'm very glad I took this Journey... This is an incredible work... It's a way to connect to your truthful nature .  

RUI MARIA PÊGO - Radio Show Host & Actor. PORTUGAL.


Jo's Reset Journey has been a profound experience to me. I think every actor and artist should do this. We are asked to portray humanity and we have to be in touch with our own humanity in order to do that, so I am so grateful for this experience.


AJARAE COLEMAN - NCIS: Nueva Orleans, I'm Sorry, Scandal and founder of Acting Resource Guru. IMDB