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Jo kelly's TO BE OR NOT TO ACT labs or workshops Los Angeles and Europe



Jo Kelly's online acting workshops have become an international and revolutionary movement stemming from Los Angeles. 


Thousands of actors who have Reset to unleash their natural instinct have landed roles with the biggest studios like Netflix, HBO, Disney, Showtime, ABC studios, etc.

To Be or Not to Act exists to undo all social and emotional conditioning so that we can be reminded how to BE (and not act) in full authenticity and freedom. 


BEING fully free and therefore fully present is what enables actors to deliver incredibly alive, raw, and truthful performances and that is why so many actors say Jo Kelly’s trainings are the best acting workshops in LA and the best acting workshops online ever.

Jo used to hold in person acting workshops in Europe and in person acting workshops in LA until her research proved that consistent daily training with her exercises for a certain period of time would radically transform an actor and their instrument for good rather than just inspire them.


That is where the main difference lies with conventional acting methods:  Jo Kelly offers a unique re-wiring journey experience that addresses the root cause of the acting discomfort rather than teaching external techniques and “how to” methods.


The guaranteed result: the actors feel present, alive, free, authentic and at ease when they act.


Because Jo Kelly insists on the fact that no one can teach anyone how to act but that rather she can help actors unlearn what is preventing them from being fully free, truthful and therefore present, Jo is never coming up with new acting workshops.


Jo Kelly does not have « new offerings » to sell, such as new online acting workshops or new acting workshops in LA because she sticks to the fact that actors don’t need to learn anything new, they just need to unlearn all conditioning so they can return to their pure truthful, free and authentic self. 


And it is from that truthful and free state of being that actors in her community testify being able to feel extraordinary when they act and that is of course why they are able to book more important high level roles.


To hear more about the unlearning and rewiring of your instrument, you can get this free training here, Stop trying to be a good actor so you have a chance at being great.


Actors can listen to Jo Kelly and get more info on Jo Kelly’s online acting workshops by joining her free community the instinctive actors society or on INSTAGRAM here.


If you are an actor and you are done struggling when you act and you are ready to start being part of what actors call the best acting workshops in LA and the best acting workshops online, you can join the waitlist to make sure you can start this work very soon.

Jo Kelly’s acting journey has a profound and life changing impact on Audition Skills, Self-taping Skills, Acting for Film, Acting for Theatre, Scene Study, Cold Reading, Voice and Speech, Casting Director Workshops, etc



"Hi Jo, I’ve been working for 30 years and have never come across anything remotely like your process. Everything I’ve read, studied, and practiced only ever made me feel more confused, lacking in talent and more trapped in the intellectual - plus I never got any results. This approach makes so much sense. It is just so beautifully simple, and has phenomenal efficacy. It has transformed my work and the results I’ve achieved because of it. Short version is that 2 months ago, around day 16 of your program, I found myself  booking a great role across Ryan Gosling for a Netflix film and I was so f***** loose and free and did something different every single take. Previously unfathomable for me for my entire working life."


"#win I’ve been asked to do a self-tape for a recurring guest star in a Disney series .  Thursday I wrote the casting agency. I already wrote to her some time ago and never got any answer back. I gave it another try and mailed her 3 links of scene's I did during your program. The next day she mailed me to ask for availability and then a self-tape. I am so grateful that you Jo Kelly raised the bar for me…And I’ve booked the job!”


“This work changed my life. I just booked a series regular in a Showtime tv series!
Passionate about acting, I’ve been doing plenty of workshops and working with a lot of coaches, but Jo Is “creme de la creme” when it comes to freedom & authenticity.”


"Thank you, Jo, for an incredible journey. Going through this program woke up parts of me that I didn't even know were dormant. Now, I’m definitely feeling alive and purposeful as an actor and human being. To top things off, I booked a couple of projects including this amazing ABC studios one during the program . I'm so grateful for your guidance and the supportive, creative environment you fostered." 

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