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Jo kelly's TO BE OR NOT TO ACT labs or workshops Los Angeles and Europe





You will learn the latest and most effective tools available to handle the toxicity of emotions that sometimes come with performing and that puts unnecessary weight on your shoulders to a point where you can feel blocked or belittled. It is important to use the negative emotions that can serve you in your work, but it is also crucial to be able to take care of the excess and therefore toxicity of emotions that literally disable you. It is possible to undo habits that are not serving you to replace them with new ones.




Performance often comes with extreme pressure: you need to be able to open up your emotional instrument at very specific moments in time, very often repeatedly or in castings where circumstances are not ideal. You also need to shake off a lot of rejection to remain a clean and available instrument when you do act. When you carry too much fear, resentment, attachment to result or success you are too heavy to be present and open to your character... instead you are stuck in your ego. The good news is it doesn't have to be that way. There are easy proven tools and techniques that you can learn, practice and use in any circumstances.




The truth is we are led by our unconscious fears, so as much as we might wish to not panic or hate the feeling of rejection, our brain doesn't know better. In short we can talk about it and understand it all we want, if we don't purge the fears and literally reprogram the brain we will not change. EFT, (Emotional freedom technique or "tapping) is the latest -proven and most effective- tool around. Once learned and understood, we can use anywhere, anytime, in any circumstances and the results are mind blowing. Also, when it is combined with self hypnosis and emotional breathing releases, it offers flexibility, depth and an unmatched freedom. 




Artists: actors, dancers, singers & individuals. Max 12 participants.




July 21,22, 23- 2014.

9h00 till 13h00.

Total: 12 hours.




Rote Fabrik, Seestrasse 395, 8038 Zürich.




CHF 380




If you are interested in speaking to us directly about how this program will serve you, fill in the form below, and we'll contact you shortly. This program is for 12 participants.




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