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  • Jo Kelly

Where is my confidence?

Confidence...You had it when you were a little rabbit right?! Where has it gone?! It was so strong and mighty and powerful and so not influenced by what anyone else had to say! Social behaviors? Screw em! That is my toy!!! Give it back to me NOW!! Oh you won't?! Here, let me bite your ear off! There you go.. told you it was my toy, so back off!

Wow, that was not such a long time ago actually...It was just yesterday, I stepped into a dog poop and I swear, if someone had been around with a dog, I would probably have bitten that dog! Did I say this was a blog about dogs? No. What am I stepping into dog poop and eating dogs for then...? Wow...

Folks, listen to this, the good news is... you haven't lost it. It s deep in there somewhere. You have just been socialized in the process... Socialized you said? What the heck is that? Well... went to school, told to sit down, be quiet, eat when you were told, pee when you were told, agree when you were told, freaking feel what you were told to. So... no wonder you've lost your confidence. They stole it from you, all for good old manners. I say the manners and let's be totally inappropriate and say exactly what you feel like ( at least when you act that is). Of course I didn t say you should go out and eat people and dogs. There are limits... but again not in art. Imagine if you were a dentist and had to hold it all in... how do these guys do that anyway...

Anyway, you are an actor/ artist, you have feelings. You don't just surrender. You respect them. You defend them, you honor them. You freakin' celebrate them. BIG TIME. Do you think De Niro and Pacino have been paid for being appropriate? NO! They have been paid for showing us the dark side, the obscure, the rage, the frustration and the lack of confidence. I say don't buy a book to boost your confidence. I say train and work out to make sure we can see it, enjoy it and pay for it. Also... there's a whole other big debate about confidence... it turns out, it can be pretty useful .. so don't miss next week's posting cuz we will talk about just that! bye folks. Have a good one.

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