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It’s just for artists!

Hell no! My nanny is creative, and we can’t thank her enough for it!!!

Personally, I wish I was more creative in all aspects of my life, and I count on dreaming - yes I mean that- for more creativity till my last breath!!!

In fact, a lot of people have been asking me about this CREATIVITY AT YOUR FINGER TIPS WORKSHOP I am giving in Zurich next month...

“You said creativity? I don't have any, I have never been creative, I'm an accountant, a cleaning lady, a lawyer, a teacher, I don't need to be creative, I just need to do my job well".

Excuse me peeps, but hell NO again!

Creativity is the essence of your being, just like blood runs through your veins to bring oxygen to your heart, creativity is the core that will restore your vitality, inspiration and strength. The pathways might be blocked to access it, but it is there, inside of you, waiting to be tapped into. Creativity heals, it is healthy and it will lead you to your greater self.

Also, as I always say, I don't think you can be taught to be creative, you are creative full stop.

Is that a fact?

Well, let me think...Did you not just make up this whole body & booty you are sitting on by yourself? Did you not, from 2 cells up, CREATE who you are?

No, I didn't.

Oh ok, who did then?

My mom.

Oh ok so wow, she must be super creative, then?!


Are women more creative then men?


Are mummies more creative than kids?


So they are the same?


So you are as creative as your mum?


Yes, you are, she provided the womb, you did the rest. That is a fact. You are made from the energy that creates worlds, you are infinite intelligence. That is your creativity.

Wanna keep challenging that? Good luck, I'm out;-)

Guys, it doesn't matter how old you are or what you do for a living, whether you have a creative job, or art is a hobby or a dream, it is not too late, too silly or selfish to decide to access your creativity.

Whether you are a lawyer, a blooming grandmother, a judge, an accountant, a student, a stay home mum, a secretary, an engineer, I don't care, creativity is your true nature.

If you feel blocks to your true nature, your flow or your creativity ( and I believe all of us do), then you will benefit from working on your creativity. As much as a few yoga stretches affect your consciousness, working on your creativity will affect your whole being without a question, whatever field you are in.

Here's a good analogy : Just like a tree, you have a lot of branches emanating from your being. At the end of each branch there are blossomed flowers and leafs and some closed buds. These closed buds could all be open. And that is exactly what tapping into your existing creativity would do and feel like: blossoming.

The work itself is very unique and adapted to each individual but it mainly consists of clearing the pathways through physical exercises, playing, writing, shaking, etc;-) In short you will be reminded how to feed it and take care of it. Then you will be able to fully access what is already there: an immense well of creative inspiration. It is there for you to share, to bask into, to use for work, hobby, relationships and fun of course...

So in short this workshop is for non artists, artists or anyone interested in practicing the art of CREATIVE LIVING! Whether you need a breakthrough or a slow awakening, your life be transformed by the simple process of engaging your raw material, your creative vitality...

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