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  • Jo Kelly

Did you trade your sanity for your passion?

You' re an artist. Actor or performer. You are extremely passionate and eager. But your passion is much bigger than the level at which the industry is willing to meet and match it.

As an actor or performer, how often do you feel stuck in the endless rat-race of being one amongst so many others? Too often I guess and that is so understandable…

The competition is stiff. The numbers are harsh. The average unemployment rate for professional registered actors, according to the Actor’s Equity Association, hovers around 90 percent, meaning there is 1 job for every 10 working actor. If you do the math, this job is not for you, this job leads to insanity.

But actually, I don’t have to tell you that story, cuz you know how it feels, right? You love what you do when they let you do it: you have a blast when you perform, you make an impact on your audience, you create value, you love the community and the money coming from the paycheck. Only thing is, it doesn’t come often enough because the competition... is too steep.

The good news is you are in the right place.

In this workshop I won't serve you a "one for all" generic "method" that will make you a good actor, the rest of the competition. We will make you breakthrough from good to GREAT. We will look at YOU and figure out where you are at, what you are about, and what is the best way for YOU to use your passion in order to book jobs, have an impact on your audience, and have a healthy lifestyle. GOOD TO GREAT. Nothing less.

The TO BE OR NOT TO ACT online semi-private workshop is designed to make you take care of your instrument in such a way that you will never again taste insanity. During this workshop you will unearth and empower your uniqueness so there is NO MORE COMPETITION, so people in the industry HAVE TO HAVE you when they see your work. Whether it is for the part your read or for another one. If you are willing to get out of your way, open up, commit and take risks, let me know and we will schedule a call to discuss your specific situation.

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