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#4- Don't act, just BE. "The sequel to Boogie #2".

It is early in this blog life to have a sequel but the news are very interesting, so I can’t help myself.

Remember in "Don’t act , just be" #2, where Boogie was going in for a role he didn’t want?

If you haven't read it, you can check it out here.

So Boogie had a call back for this part he initially couldn't relate to, - until we worked on it-.

So here is what happened at the call-back: Boogie walks in the room. Everyone is there including the creators of the show.

Boogie finishes his first scene and the creator of the show stands up and says :


Boogie pannicks, he thinks he did something wrong...

This is how the dialogue continues:


Who are you?


I am boogie


You are the best actor I have ever seen in my life. Tell me everything about you. How did I not know you?!


Pretty cool feed-back right?!

Very cool. Even if in the end they didn't give that part to Boogie cuz he didn't match with the rest of the family, Boogie made an UNFORGETTABLE IMPRESSION. So let’s rewind a little to see what happened.

Boogie initially went in for a role he judged.

During his session, we spent some time to connect with the human being who was behind the idea of the character Boogie was having and he could then relate and defend the character.

So what is this blog about?

When Boogie went to the call back he panicked because this part was for a series regular. And that's big for an actor, as you guys know.

He started getting into some old habits of rehearsing his lines incessantly to make sure stress wouldn't make him blank on them and as he was doing that he was slowly but surely settling in some controlled way of doing the scene.

He had stopped all further exploration. His creativity had given into fear.

So right before he walked into the casting room, we had one last session on Skype as he was in his car driving to the call back.

And guess what Boogie asked me for the session?!

He said:

Can we read my lines? I said them so many times by myself, I just need to hear someone read them with me!

I said :

Absolutely NOT.

Boogie had given in to panic but I hadn't cuz I know his tremendous instrument.

Boogie was feeling scared, overwhelmed, defeated and again completely wrong for the part. So I asked him to not try to avoid those feelings but rather to give them to the character who was - as a matter of fact- feeling the same way.

I reminded him that his own feelings were exactly what he needed for his character. The only thing we needed to do, was to reconnect with his character’s gut intentions before each scene and allow his existing emotional state to the rest of the job.

And Boogie did just that.

He was brave and powerful enough to trust his fear and panic and gave it to his character.

He did not try to get rid of it or get on top of it with his perfectly rehearsed text.

He just surrendered to his feelings and reconnected with his character’s intentions for each scene.

It takes tremendous power to dare to be this vulnerable, and I am so happy Boogie went for it as everyone had a blast in the room that day. And again Boogie did not book that part but one thing is for sure. He showed up. He had a blast. He made an impression. This casting office will want to see him again. For this project or the next one.

And that is the only thing you can control as an actor: you showing up and therefore making an impression. The rest is not up to you.

All right guys, that’s it for now and looking fw to next week!

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