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  • Jo Kelly

#5- Don't act, just BE. "Want to win an Oscar? Don't. "

So the other day, I started working with an actress, Boogie, whose ultimate dream was to win an Oscar for a lead role in a movie.

Ever wanted that too?

Prepared your Oscar speech in advance anyone??

For a lot of actors that’s the fantasy that drives their career.

But I have bad news: ambition does not = to passion.

Let me explain: when what fuels your engine is to win an Oscar or any award for that matter, you are seeking recognition, you are people pleasing in order to get something in return. And sure enough, ambition will give you energy and sometimes even a little talent.

Passion however is a whole different ballgame. When passion drives you, you are focussed on serving your character. You are doing your job. Wether people like it or not, is none of your business. You are devoted.

See the difference? As an actor or artist, your job is not to try to be the best… Your job is to figure out how you can relate to what your character is about and then try to get what they need.

Little analogy… Who do you prefer? Who are you a fan of?

The ambitious car mechanic who will try to sell as many used cars as possible, the most expensive the better, no matter what.

The passionate car mechanic who will fix cars the best he can, so he can enhance them and then sell them to his customers.

I hope you get the message ;-)

Now let’s get back to Boogie… She’s very ambitious and quite frankly, she isn’t a bad actress, there’s nothing wrong with what she does… She’s getting some parts here and there, she’s working.

But is she having fun? no.

Is she magical? no.

Does she want more : yes.

So I coached Boogie by agreeing we’d walk away from being good in order to step into her greatness. Into being a great actress. And you don’t "get there" by "trying to get there". You get there by giving everything you’ve got to the character. Forgetting about your dreams and cherishing your characters dreams instead.

You have to become less important than your character. Your needs have to be less important than your character’s needs. And that is key.



Hmmm …This sounds like a very interesting blog 😎

Hope you enjoyed it and see you next week for our next coaching story!


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