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#7- Don't act, just BE. "Boogie wants to improve her reel"


This past month a couple actors I coach in my ongoing online power group were shooting scenes to add to their reel in order to get more bookings.

Only problem was once those Boogies got on set, they were so busy taking care of everyone else that their preparation went out the window!!

Ever felt the drive to create your own material only to realize that you can’t do it all, that your acting gets affected and that you end up showcasing scenes that are not your best work?

It is true that when you create your own material, you end up being the writer, producer, director, actor, assistant, wardrobe person and everything else you can think of. And that is tough.

It’s tough to do it all.

It’s more than tough. It’s practically impossible.

That’s why only the best can do it.

So this is what my coaching to the Boogies focussed on: how do you become the best at what you do? For instance how do you become the best actor you can be so nothing can ever come in your way?

  • not the overwhelm from having to handle everything on your own shoot

  • not an unhelpful casting director during an important audition

  • not a toxic partner on set

  • not a director you don’t get along with

  • not sides that come in at the last minute

  • not the lack of sleep

  • not the fear of having to do a crying scene 10 times in a row

  • not being on 3 projects at the same time

  • etc, etc, etc. You guessed it, the list is endless because it is extremely rare -if not impossible- in this industry for everything to go right.

Training + training + training…

And when you can’t take it anymore…

Passion + passion + passion, so you can get back to :

Training + training + training.

And yes, let’s be serious, what does that mean?

Exactly what I said…

I do not know of any professional at the top of their industry who doesn't train consistently. Take any discipline, that is just a fact.

So what kind of training did I recommend for the Boogies?

1/ Train your emotions to be readily available to you, all the time, by working through your resistance and muscling up your instinct.

That way, you make sure you have an open and reliable instrument that can commit even under extreme pressure.

2/ Make sure you know why you are an actor and why you are working on the role you chose to work on. That is probably the most important question that most actors never ask themselves. You gotta be purposeful, if not you won’t have enough energy to carry you all the way.

And when those 2 things are set in stone , you are ready to fly even in the middle of a storm, cuz you are so focussed on getting what you want that you are using the storm to get you where you need to go…

And on that nice and graphic ending, I invite you to share this post with like minded artists if you liked it and I will see you next week in the next Blog!

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