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#9- Don't act, just BE. "Boogie's film is in production but he is so tense he can't

A couple weeks back I was with a director client. His name was… Boogie;-)

He was in pre-production for his feature and he was so tense that aside from the urgent, he couldn’t do any good work. Worst of all, he couldn't sleep!!!

He was supposed to be happy about everything that was happening to him but instead he felt restless and completely unsatisfied.

He walked in and told me “ I am so tense I can’t feel any emotion! I don’t know what this tension is all about, so I can’t do anything about it!!!”

Can you relate? Ever felt so terrible, that you can’t figure out why or what to do?!

Boogie was indeed doing great: his film was being produced the way he wanted. His personal life was well.

Boogie should have been enjoying it all…But he just wasn’t.

So I suggested he do some FREE WRITING.

Boogie rolled his eyes, as if free writing would never “fix him”.

Little note to my readers: Free writing is a very powerful tool. You just let the pen move on the paper, and the writing is taking care of itself…until you start hearing your intuition, your deeper voice which happens to always know how to “fix you”.

Boogie started to write without any faith in the process.

But he wrote and wrote, bored and perplexed.

He said to me “ Jo, this is not doing anything for me. Nothing’s coming”.

I told him to just trust that his problem was his solution. “Keep going”, I said, it’s gonna hit you.

So half heartedly, Boogie kept at it.

He continued to write and then something shifted: he started to get aggressive. I could see his letters were getting bigger and his handwriting was getting fussy. He was just annoyed with the whole thing and I asked him to embrace that.

He continued and got very emotional, until his deepest truth hit him:

Boogie always invested his energy into pleasing his team and people in general.

He always tried to do his best to help, to care, to fix.

But he was never being with himself. Boogie was never taking care of himself.

As he was writing and breaking up, he was surrendering and feeling his actual emotions, his truth. And that right there, was self-care.

Boogie’s tension was gone. It’s funny cuz from where I sat, I could literally see his tension dissolve in that moment.

Boogie looked at me and said with peace and wisdom in his eyes: “I realize the best sensation in the world is the one where I am with myself and I let the others find their way cuz I know and trust that they will. Just like I will…”

Then I added: “We all came here to make our own experience, and we don't need any fixing, we just need to live it.”

Boogie was in touch with himself and he was beaming his power because he was in flow. Feeling himself -rather than the others- gave him bliss and peace.

Nowadays in our hectic lives this is a sensation that needs to be watered everyday.

We need to take that space back in order to BE.

Little things: as you are busy being busy, stop and sit for a moment. Meditate, drink tea, breathe, look at the nature…. Whatever it is, you just gotta stop the busyness sometimes in order to BE.

Not to fix, just to BE with your higher self and feel the bliss of BEING you. Contemplating your human experience.

The best sensation in the world is not where you think others want you to be. The best sensation in the world is right where you are. Leaving the rest of us out of the equation.

It’s about you.

Thank you for reading and if you liked it, I invite you to share this post with like minded artists!

See you next week in the next Blog!

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