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  • Jo Kelly

You are missing out on a huge resource!

I think you might be missing out on the action here, my friends. A couple months ago, I started having weekly conversations inside of a private online group. If you are not part of this FREE group yet, you can't benefit from asking me direct questions about acting and gaining new inspiration around your favorite topics. In short, you need to join our community now!

I want to hear from you too! Bring your favorite topics, questions, struggles to need guidance on, and insights and inputs. AND WE WILL WORK ON THEM TOGETHER. For example, this week Friday at Noon Pacific, we'll be talking about this: "Does knowing how to act make a difference? Absolutely not.” Have you ever felt that you know everything there is to know about acting, and yet you still feel stuck sometimes? Well, let’s dissect this situation together in the FREE group.

See you there!



Whenever you’re ready, here are FIVE ways I can help you:

  1. Watch the free MAGNETIC ACTOR WEBINAR. This is the missing piece you have been looking for! Get free coaching and exercises to work through your blocks + muscle up your instinct to feel FREE when you act. Watch the webinar now or later.

  2. Join my free Facebook Group - Don’t Act, Just BE. This is THE community to connect with other actors, singers and artists who embrace their uniqueness and who do not people-please or shrink from being different. Click here to join.

  3. Get the 33 day journey "From Resistance To FREEDOM”. Designed for actors and singers, you will transform your instrument from feeling resistant to being completely free when you act or sing by following my step by step journey in just 33 days. ** All levels are welcome. *** Buy it now here.

  4. Apply to be part of my Purpose Group. If you have finished the 33 day journey, it's time to move away from "trying to make the right choice" for your character and tap into your ultimate unique and purposeful choice in this powerful and supportive group. Click here to apply.

  5. Apply for a craved-for spot in my ongoing Power Group, WE CREATE IT. (This is not for newbies.) If you are a working actor/singer, and you are passionate about creating your own material, let’s talk. Click here for details.

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