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  • Jo Kelly

You only need 30 days to completely transform your acting experience?

Hi Guys! Do you ever feel like you have no time to get your instrument to where you know it could be? Got a to-do list that is WAY too long… Anyone? “I am so overwhelmed” is the response I hear most these days. We all have too much stuff to do, a full agenda and absolutely no time to do what is essential to us. So, what if I declared that you CAN get your instrument to be fully open, reliable and undeniable in 30 days? Yes, one month; that’s it. In no more than a month, you could be exactly where you want to be in terms of acting. Sexy, right?! And I am not even talking 30 full days. I am talking 1 or 2 hours during a month. And you would get exactly what you want: a totally FREE and transformed instrument allowing you to act well… freely, authentically and without any blocks! Sounds crazy? Well, I can guarantee it!

  • If you feel like you have been in acting class forever and still don’t quite seem to have “popped”...

  • Or you’ve studied with the “best teachers in the country” and yet you are still looking for the next class that “could change everything”...

  • Or you know you need to get into acting class to get back in shape, but your schedule is already too full to make that happen...

Then this blog is for you, my friend…

What I am about to say is going to be radical and annoying: You have nothing to learn. In fact, you need to unlearn. More precisely, you can rewire your brain. Unlearn? Rewire? WTF, Jo?!

Well, let me explain. When you were born, your brain was, let’s call it, “bland”. Then as you had your initial experiences, some neural-pathways (little wires) got created. They kind of “print” the way to do things up there. For example: I have a toy, and my little friend takes it from me. I snatch it back from her and yell at the top of my lungs. My parent tells me, “No, no, no, don’t yell like that, you have to share, Jo”. I yell “NOOO” even louder as I cry, and I try to hit the little friend who is still pulling on my toy. My mother gets upset, takes the toy away from me and says firmly, “If you can’t share, we are leaving the park.” What is the message and wiring I just received? It is not OK to disagree, and when I do, my mum takes her support, the park and the toy away. In short: “If you don’t do what others say, you won’t get what you want, and you will lose the support you need.” P.S. That feels like danger for a little one, in case you missed that. ;-) How does this translate when you are acting? “If I don’t do what the casting director/director wants, I won’t book”. So the wiring here will make me try to please or try to figure out ”the right way to do it”. AND THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY! PLUS, THAT IS SOOOO NOT YOUR JOB AS AN ACTOR!!! Your job is to defend the character's need and to try to get it for them, no matter what anyone thinks. Do you see how putting any “acting technique or method” on top of your current wiring serves absolutely no purpose? An acting method is an exterior thing that just cannot be stronger than your own wiring, which is preventing you from being impulsive. Conclusion: The only thing you need to do is to REWIRE your brain to what actually works FOR YOU (being instinctive in your own unique way) - NOT FOR OTHERS (people pleasing). And rewiring neural pathways takes 20 to 30 days. That plasticity is scientifically proven. You might say, “But smart teachers are so inspiring; they have the experience and really do have it figured out.” My answer to that is that NO ONE’S WORDS WILL TEACH YOU ANYTHING. You have to discover it for yourself. Just like learning how to ride a bike does not come from any lesson; it comes from discovering it for yourself. Others will say, “It takes 10 years to learn how to act”, to which I will reply: Absolutely not. Kids are the best actors, and they have never taken any acting class. Why are they so good? They are still instinctive because their social wiring is minimal. They are alive. If you would like to start rewiring yourself today, you can watch the free Magnetic Actor webinar that will give you some exercises you can practice right away.

And this month, you can even win the full program by participating in our giveaway. Click here to enter.

Guys, to finish up, I just wanna say that I know you all have a busy schedule, but if there is a way for you to get what you want in a month, I don’t think you can disregard that. There are really no reasons for you to not do it. Oh, ouch, now you can’t be off the hook anymore… You can actually do what you need to do and get what you want. ;-) Oh, and for the very resistant: if you feel you cant fit in 1-2 hours a day during a month in your busy schedule for acting (what is most essential to you) then you need to pause and reconsider everything you have put in place that is preventing you from living the life you actually want. All right, thx guys!


Whenever you’re ready, here are FIVE ways I can help you:

  1. Watch the free MAGNETIC ACTOR WEBINAR. This is the missing piece you have been looking for! Get free coaching and exercises to work through your blocks + muscle up your instinct to feel FREE when you act. Watch the webinar now or later.

  2. Join my free Facebook Group - Don’t Act, Just BE. This is THE community to connect with other actors, singers and artists who embrace their uniqueness and who do not people-please or shrink from being different. Click here to join.

  3. Get the 33 day journey "From Resistance To FREEDOM”. Designed for actors and singers, you will transform your instrument from feeling resistant to being completely free when you act or sing by following my step by step journey in just 33 days. ** All levels are welcome. *** Buy it now here.

  4. Apply to be part of my Purpose Group. If you have finished the 33 day journey, it's time to move away from "trying to make the right choice" for your character and tap into your ultimate unique and purposeful choice in this powerful and supportive group. Click here to apply.

  5. Apply for a craved-for spot in my ongoing Power Group, WE CREATE IT. (This is not for newbies.) If you are a working actor/singer, and you are passionate about creating your own material, let’s talk. Click here for details.

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