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Success Starts With A Choice

It’s been a long time since we had a blog about Boogie…

It’s true, my last emails have all been about joining me in the LIVE 33 day Journey. I know I am guilty of having swamped your inbox… And the reason I did that is because I am really passionate about the From Resistance To Freedom program. I know how much it TRANSFORMS actors, and I want everyone to have those kinds of results.

Anywho… Early this week, I had a session with a new client I will call BOOGIE, and I started our time together by asking her what she wanted to accomplish in her 3 month coaching package.

Me: “So Boogie, what are you committing to achieve by the end of our 3 months together?”

Boogie: ”I want to explore deep emotions and know myself better.”

I stopped Boogie right there, and I said, “No, my question was: what are you committing to achieve?”

“Well, I don’t know, we only just started, and I don’t know how this training will help me,” she replied.

I put my pen down and closed my notebook.

“Boogie, I - or anyone for that matter - cannot help you in any effective way if you don’t choose where you wanna go first...”

If you’re confused by what I mean by that directive, don’t worry. I’ll explain. Read on and learn how Boogie and I finished our session.

The real question here is: how do you get somewhere if you do not know where you’re going?

I know it makes perfect sense but it bears repeating - if you do not know where you want to go with ANY project, you’re not going to succeed.

And actors usually have a problem with this idea because they feel SO dependent on the industry to the point that they believe there is not much they can do about their training or their career.

They have a tendency to do “the best they can”.

But you don’t run a marathon by doing the best you can. In my case, I’d barely get around the block. 😉

You run a marathon by CHOOSING, DECIDING, DECLARING that you will run and finish the marathon.

So when your body starts saying something like, ”This is too tiring. I can’t do this anymore. What’s the point anyway,” your choice/decision/declaration takes over and you work through being tired until you find a new and bigger energy to get you to the finish line.

Back to Boogie...

When she understood that the results that were going to come out of our 3 months together did not depend on me but instead on her only… she realised she was responsible for her success and therefore that she had all the power.

So, Boogie started to look within to get in touch with what she was actually dealing with and what she wanted specifically.

And in this case, Boogie wanted to be able to cry on demand and on cue. Now that was specific!

So I asked her to declare it, “ Boogie, that is a very specific thing to want, great. You know where you are heading. Now I will ask you to say that you will get there in 3 months.”

Boogie felt scared, but she really did get it. If she declared it, she would have the power to make it happen. If she only wished for it, then it would be in the hands of...I don’t know what gods. 😉

She was excited and determined. Terrified but determined. She wanted it, so she chose it.

And the same goes for any other endeavor, guys.

  • Wanna buy a house? Scary, and you gotta decide to do it and then figure out your financing.

  • Want a serious relationship? scary, and you gotta decide to commit and then make it work to stick to your decision.

  • Want kids? Ooohhhh, don’t get me started on this one…

  • Want to have an extremely open, free and unconstrained instrument? You gotta choose to be bigger than the industry’s obstacles, uber trained, ready to NEVER BACK DOWN. Why? Because you said so.

All right, guys, I hope this Boogie session shed some light on what you are dealing with and what you are committing to make happen in your career.

Have you ever found yourself just expecting things would happen? How was that? Can you compare it with when you decided things were gonna happen? What does the difference look like?

Please share your experience with this exercise in the comments below.

All right, see you next week!


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