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  • Jo Kelly

Are You Able To Follow Directions Freely And Instinctively?

You may get really prepared for an audition or a shooting and then, feel that you shrink, drop everything you had going on and lose your freedom when you get direction from the director or casting director. That can be frustrating since as an artist you want to bring your uniqueness, freedom and aliveness to the project, but you end up closing up instead and feeling like a puppet.

So you may have done a lot of acting classes, tried new techniques, worked with big coaches in order to make the right choice, nail it and match what they’re looking for. You may also catch yourself being really people-pleasing to them so they like you. As you do that, you might feel really small. You’re not being your free, expansive and instinctive self.

When you watch my training below you'll discover that the real problem is not that the director gives you a direction which is different from yours. What is happening is that deep down you believe that you shouldn’t be yourself freely and instinctively since the authority is the director and not you so you should submit to them. As a consequence of this, you repress what you feel in the moment, push emotions and pretend to make sure you match what the director wants. When you do this, you show up as a tiny little piece of you.

This pattern is a direct consequence of the culture and society where you’ve been raised, where you had to obey authority, first your parents and then your teachers, since your survival, safety and approval depended on them. They told you what to feel, think and behave. So you’ve been conditioned to always follow, submit to authority and never make your own decisions, feel your own emotions and behave the way you want. Therefore, you don’t have access to your whole instrument.

However, as an artist, that is not going to work since you are hired to bring in your life and uniqueness to a character. The opportunity here is to undo your conditioning so you can access your freedom and instinct. When you do this work, what you bring to the director is way bigger than the director’s suggestions; you will be able to bring your freedom and presence with you; be open to the entire humanity of your character and blend it with what the director has in mind.

Watch my training to hear all my thoughts on this topic

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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