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  • Jo Kelly

Are You Afraid Of Doing It Wrong?

You may be working on set, on stage or preparing for an audition and experience some contraction in your body, feel you are not making the right choice or think that you are going to forget your lines. You may also think that there is something wrong about the way that you look, how you sound or about your accent. In short, some part of your energy may be contracted since you are approaching your work from a belief that there is something wrong with you.

When you watch my training below you will discover that what is really happening is that your energy is contracted because of that fear of being wrong. That can be really uncomfortable, unfulfilling and it is not what you went into acting for. As artists, you want to experience the freedom, flow, fun and joy of actually being who you are truthfully. However, if that feeling of being “wrong” remains at the bottom of your energy, it will persist no matter how much you prepare or how great your choice is.

And the more you feel there is something wrong about you or the way you act, the less present you will be because you will try to cover it up consciously or unconsciously with some tricks, masks or pretending. In order to fix this, you may have tried a lot of workshops, acting teachers, new methods or techniques; and yet feel still wrong whenever you act.

The root problem of feeling wrong is the fact that all of us have been conditioned in a system that says that we have to be “right” at school, at home and in society. If you are wrong, there is humiliation, exclusion, no validation and punishment. And feeling that sensation is a downward spiraling loop. You feel it, you do not like it, and therefore it contracts; you stop being present and there is no way for you to defend the character and enjoy the present moment. And since you make that mean that there is something wrong about your acting, you contract even more.

However, there is nothing wrong with your acting. Actually the word “wrong” only exists from a conditioned place. In nature, there is nothing wrong or right. It just is. The same thing happens in the world of art. Things are not right or wrong, but truthful or made up, the work to do is to undo that conditioning that prevents you from being truthful and free.

Watch my training to hear all my thoughs on this topic.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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