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  • Jo Kelly

Are you afraid to be 100% present when you act? Ohhh You gotta watch this then !!!

Part of you may want to be 100% present since presence is where everything is possible and where you can be extremely magnetic as an actor. However, part of you may resist it because you may fear being too big, not enough, too little, something different from what the casting director expects or from what your character is supposed to be when you’re completely present and in the moment. As a result of this, when it comes to open up and show up fully present, you may shrink.

Also, in order to be liked by the director or casting director, you may strategize, come up with what you think they’re looking for, control the outcome of your performance and try to be better than others so you can nail the audition or self tape, get the validation from them and book. When you do this, you cut yourself out from being completely present.

This can be really frustrating since you know that when you’re not present, you’re disconnected from yourself, you’re not being yourself. You start pretending, pushing, trying to please others and faking. And this feels inauthentic and painful, there is no art in this and no one can see you. You won’t be able to book those juicy roles if you’re not showing up 100% present, open and alive.

As an actor, your job description is to give life to a character. Therefore, a role demands your presence and full humanity, which is unique, that only you can offer and that can go way beyond the indications on the script and what is expected, because it’s alive. And what happens when you do show up 100% present and you’re ready to go out on a limb is that you are connected and have a chance to be seen. That vibration is way bigger than when you’re pretending, faking or pleasing others. Directors and casting directors will want to have you in their project

However, since you were born, you were conditioned to repress your feelings, sensations, opinion, thoughts, behavior so you could please others and fit in. So your responsibility as an artist is to come back to your truth and express it in your unique way.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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