• Jo Kelly

Are you wanting to first book jobs before you invest in yourself as an actor? Let’s talk!

As actors, you may want to get completely free and authentic. But before that, you may want to get some jobs first so that the industry can prove to you that it will invest in you before you invest in it so that you can get a sense of safety, reassurance and make sure it works. So you may want to just jump and discover as you go. That energy is definitely impulsive, alive and courageous.

However, this can also get you stuck in the loop. Because if you show up in the industry and you’re not 100% free, alive, instinctive, authentic and present, what you will give to the industry will be just a little version of yourself. And what the industry is looking for is for you to be the free and full version of yourself.

When you meet an agent or casting director, you’re getting one chance to be seen. And if you’re connected with yourself 100%, they can connect with you, they can feel your humanity, vulnerability, power and presence.

But when you’re not completely connected to yourself and you’re not 100% capable of processing your emotions, whether they’re nerves, fear, anger, shame, etc so you can allow yourself to be hit and moved by them; part of you is connected to looking good, being liked, trying too hard, being “right” and pleasing them. That has nothing to do with your uniqueness. That’s all fake. That’s your conditioning. People cannot connect to that and you won’t be able to deliver that type of performance or presence that will make you book.

So yes, it is crucial for you to train yourself so you can be 100% you before you get the work. Because if you’re lucky enough to book something by chance and you’re not 100%, you won’t be able to impact anyone because you’re not completely present, free and open. You're partially conditioned and the result of a social mask. There’s a mask between you and them trying to look good, confident and do things “right”. And when you're in that social mask, people cannot connect to you. That never works for an artist.

Watch my training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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