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  • Jo Kelly

Do You Feel Less Free When You Act Than When You Rehearse? Then, Watch this!

You may see that when you rehearse by yourself or with a partner, you feel really free and interested, you take risks, explore and try new things. In that phase, you are being really creative since you are not trying to get a result. Your instrument is adventurous in this way.

However, you may close down and feel tense when you act onstage, onset or in an audition. You may feel less interested in your character and catch yourself trying to be interesting to the audience, the director or the casting director. In other words, you may want to be liked, look confident and please them. When you do this, you leave your character’s needs and go into your ego’s needs. Consequently, this can be very frustrating especially if you had a great rehearsal and then you did not have that joy and freedom in your performance.

In order to fix this situation, you may have tried a lot of scene classes, casting director workshops or new acting techniques; and yet experience that none of that has worked either.

When you watch my training below you will discover that the main cause is not the fact that it is safe to rehearse and unsafe to play. The root of the problem is that when you play, you try to please and when you rehearse you are focused on your character’s needs, there is no one to please. This happens because you have been raised to be a pro at pleasing people. Since you were a child, you were taught what to think, feel and how to behave in a way that worked for the authority (whether it was your parents, teacher or society) so you could fit in. By doing so, they unvalidated your emotional processes and reactions. And if you expressed yourself fully, you were punished, humiliated or rejected. So you chose to adapt yourself to others since your survival depended on it. As a result of this, your nervous system is wired to please.

Then, when you become an actor; your instrument tries to please the authority too: the director or casting director in this case. All of that system that taught you that you cannot be you and feel or behave like you want is contracting your freedom and your truth. Therefore, you have access to just a part of your energy and the director or casting director cannot see you because you are not present.

So the only thing to do is to undo your conditioning and wake up your instinct so that you can get that presence back.

After you watch the training, I'd love for you to join in the conversation happening in our private Facebook Group THE INSTINCTIVE ACTORS' SOCIETY. You can get answers for your specific situation directly from me and connect with THOUSANDS of like-minded actors across the globe, so we can move things forward faster together.

If you're not already a member, be sure to request to join ASAP here.

See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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