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  • Jo Kelly

Do you have an accent? This is what you do!

“Help! I have an accent and I’m struggling to get rid of it!”

Maybe you have an accent that’s different to the standard accent of your country. Or if you work in the USA/ UK and you aren’t a native-English speaker, your accent is different to the standard American or British accent.

You might work a lot to get to the standardized accent of the market you’re based in. That’s pretty hard to perfect as an adult actor. And you might end up denying yourself opportunities if you feel your accent isn’t flawless.

It’s a big problem for a lot of actors who say they feel stuck:

-focusing so much on the accent takes them out of the moment in a scene;

-there’s less work for them in the market;

-they’re not as competitive as their peers.

Overall they feel doomed because they feel their accent is preventing them from booking work and having the career they want.

That’s not true at all!

When you watch my training you'll discover that your accent isn’t the problem. The real problem is that you are blinded by what you think the industry wants and that you’re not sure you fit in it.

You’re an artist. As an artist you’re not there to fit. The second you try to, you’re no longer an artist.

Your value is not an accent. Your job description as an artist is to revolutionize: to make people see things that they would not have seen before. Give us an opportunity to make us see the world differently.

Your responsibility to impact people with your heart and perspective. When you focus on that, you bring life into your work, which is far more valuable than whatever accent you have.

If you do that, the industry will adapt to you. They will rewrite roles for you or hire a dialect coach or do whatever it takes to keep you.

Worrying about your accent is non-artistic. Focus on bringing your humanity to the role instead. When your instrument is free and truthful, you bring your uniqueness, which is the best contribution that you can bring to a role. It’s magnetic and that’s what people are looking for.

It’s fulfilling for you and impactful to the audience.

Watch my training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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And to take the conversation a little further, I’d love to hear from you.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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