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  • Jo Kelly

Do you think there’s too much competition in acting?

As actors, you may think there’s too much competition in the acting industry and that that’s preventing you from booking and acting. You may think that whenever you have an audition there are way too many people that are being pitched for the role and that they may have more experience, credits or better attributes than you.Therefore, you may think that all those external things may give them a better chance to book the role.

Some of you could have even experienced that when casting directors find someone that fits the role, they stop the audition process and don’t look at the rest. This can be felt as something unfair and frustrating after you’ve been doing all the work and shown up at your best. In order to get better at it and rise above the others, you may be trying class after class, better techniques and methods.

Whe you watch my training you will discover that the root cause of why you may not be booking is definitely not competition. In the traditional approach to acting, actors learn a certain method to apply. They try to do it right, look good and calm themselves down. They start being technical and methodical. And acting has nothing to do with that. Acting is the art of being fully alive and in the moment. But when you use a bunch of tricks and methods, you are not completely alive and in the moment. Instead, you get attached to the outcome of your performance and you may experience competition since you use the same tricks and methods as others.

Competition disappears the second that you are able to show up as you because there is no other person like you. Actually, in the selection process, the actors who are seen as the most appropriate ones for a role are the ones who are in their unique essences. When you show up 100% yourself and bring your life and truth of what you feel in the moment to the character, without repressing any feelings, you will stand out because they will be able to see you. However, when you’re not fully yourself, you show up with a mask and a method you rely on. Then, they cannot see you.

You may also have the false belief that if the role is described a certain way, it needs to be performed exactly that way. What’s interesting to see is if you see this role, you melt with it and bring your uniqueness to it, which is what is going to make you fully alive.

But you were conditioned to think, feel and behave a certain way since you were a child. So most probably you may wear some kind of social mask that has nothing to do with your truth.The work to do is to undo that conditioning. Then, you won’t think about competition. You will be able to express yourself fully, be in the moment and feel fulfilled.

Watch the training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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