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  • Jo Kelly

How To Plan Your Acting Goals In 2022

As actors, increasing your booking ratio, getting bigger roles or making more money may be some of your acting goals for 2022. However, those goals are results oriented and are coming from your head, they are not related to your artistic process and your personal experience of being present. By focusing on the outcome, you may end up being depleted at the end of the year because your cup won’t be filled and those goals have nothing to do with you. You may have a full IMDB and a full wallet and yet feel unfulfilled because you will not be there. You will have disappeared.

When you watch my training you'll discover that the reason why you may want goals that come from your head is because we’ve all been conditioned to achieve things that are outside of us. And by doing that, you’re not taking yourself into the equation. Instead, you’re bypassing your true, authentic self. Therefore, you will disappear.

In order to walk into 2022 and in the craziness that this pandemic has brought to us, where everything is constantly changing and uncertain; the work to do is to undo your conditioning and resistance that prevents you from being YOU; and solidify your presence, openness, freedom, instinct and authenticity. When you’re in that place, you’re connected to your instrument, you start being capable of listening to your heart and having goals that come from it.

When you’re connected to your heart, your body and your instrument; you’re in touch with the kind of stories you wanna tell and the characters that move you; you’re fulfilled to reach out to those directors, producers and casting directors you resonate with because you’re not doing it for the opportunity it may be, you’re doing it because it feeds your soul. Then, you’re unstoppable because you’re not asking for opportunities; you’re there to give yourself for those stories because that’s your truth.

When you show up full, with something to offer as an artist; you become magnetic to directors, casting directors and the audience. Then, booking will be a consequence. That’s how you thrive.

Watch my training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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