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  • Jo Kelly

" I am talented"+" But I will never make it as an actor". What Are These Conflictive Inner Voices?

As actors, you may be hearing inner voices inside of your head that may be conflicted when it comes to acting. For example, you may be ambitious on the business side of acting but feel the industry is too challenging and competitive. You may also feel really talented but when you have a big opportunity or audition, you second guess your choices or your instrument closes up. You may want to be really free and instinctive but when you prepare a scene, you feel you control it and plan what’s gonna happen ahead of time. Or you may not know where to start to find the agent that works for you. In short, you are passionate artists and may want to work a lot but you feel there’s something that is not ready to take action.

When you watch my training below you'll discover that the real problem is that you allow those thoughts that are conflicting to remain a loop. Therefore, you waste your energy because you are not aligned. There’s a part of you going in one direction and another one going in the other direction. This can definitely prevent you from moving forward and make you feel confused, worn out, unfulfilled and dysfunctional about the way you approach acting. So you carry these sensations into your auditions and your work stops being impactful for casting directors or the audience.

As a consequence of this, you may start blaming external circumstances: you may blame the country where you’re in, your agent, your age, your looks, a specific casting director or the industry, in general. You may also feel there’s nothing you can do because it’s not the right time to work on your instrument or you don’t have enough money. These are, again, external factors.

The reason why you have these voices is not because there’s something wrong with you. It’s because you’ve been conditioned out of your truth, freedom and instinct. You’ve been raised to do, feel and think what others want of you so you can please them. When you do that, you give away your power to external sources.

The work to do is to acknowledge your conflictive voices, stop blaming outside circumstances, take responsibility and undo that conditioning so you can be in your power and find solutions for your obstacles instead of being in the position of a victim.

Watch my training to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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