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INTERVIEW: Bold Journey

Last week I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Voyage's Bold Journey Series


" We recently connected with Jo Kelly and have shared our conversation below.

Hi Jo, really happy you were able to join us today and we’re looking forward to sharing your story and insights with our readers. Let’s start with the heart of it all – purpose. How did you find your purpose?

I graduated in human resource psychology and systemics in my university years in belgium. Then when I started acting, I realized that no matter how hard I studied acting it wasn’t making me a better actress. Quite the contrary, the more I studied and trained, the more disconnected I felt. I was a good actress but I wasn’t becoming great. I was also realizing that my actor colleagues were having similar experiences as me. They studied and trained a lot, they worked hard before their auditions but they usually were not very free at all. In fact it was very rare to see a truly free and alive actor..."

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