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  • Jo Kelly

Join My FREE 5-Day Online Acting Training

Ever wonder how Oscar winners seem to deliver effortless performances?

You may think it's…- the result of lots of training and preparation.

- or that it has a lot to do with luck (the right role for the right actor, etc.) 

- or even that award-winners are just born more talented, you've either got "it" or you don't...

So, which one is true?

This question is exactly why I am hosting a FREE 5-Day training next week - “From OK to Oscar Worthy Performances." 

Together, we'll uncover why some actors seem to give consistently stellar performances over and over.

So you can discover how to transform and upgrade your own performances from “ok” to award-winning.

If this sounds too far or too hard to believe or impossible… I hear you. You have been struggling for too long to believe this is even thinkable.

That is why I am so excited for you because these five days will, and I promise… -COMPLETELY- , - RADICALLY- transform what you believe is possible for yourself as an actor.Click here to save your spot with one click! (It's totally FREE! Woohoo!)

Here's how it works:

1. Each day, you'll join me for LIVE training and do one short practice with me to get moving forward in your acting career.

2.   Each day that you complete the online practice, you’ll be eligible to win one of my juicy prizes - from free programs to private coaching with… Me ;-)

That’s it! FIVE DAYS of free training...

I’m keeping it short & clear because I KNOW you need this but you don’t need more overwhelm.

Ready to join in the fun? Click here to register.

See you on Monday!


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