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  • Jo Kelly

Review 2021 to thrive in 2022: are you going to settle for the same in 2022?

As actors, you may be looking back at your acting results in 2021 and feel unfulfilled. Therefore, you may be hoping that things go better in 2022. However, these results are not the main problem in your acting career. The real issue is how you show up because your instrument is your main ingredient. If you’re not completely free, purposeful, open and authentic; every action that you take to get those results will be impacted by the fact that you are not 100% aligned.

Now that you know what the main problem is, it’s time to decide what you want to settle for next year. When you watch my training you'll see that one path is to move into 2022 with bitterness and the complaint that you felt unhappy with your team, that you didn’t get enough auditions or at least not the ones that you wanted, that you didn’t book and you should have or that you didn’t make enough money. You may feel that the industry you’re in is unfair and difficult and take all this victim mentality into 2022, hoping that everything gets better for you. And if you do exactly what you did in 2021 and move like a victim, complaining about what happened without changing anything you have power over, which means yourself, it is just gonna increase your frustration and issues and you won’t get any different results.

The other path is to take responsibility for the only thing you have power and control over, which is to get your instrument completely open, free, alive and authentic. Once you’re open, you’re able to follow your impulses and freely be with whatever you’re feeling in the moment. That’s authenticity. It means you can walk into the audition room or start a self tape and bring your world and feelings to a character because you're unable to hide your truth.

However, we've been taught how to behave, what to think and feel in order to fit in, in other words, we’ve been conditioned not to be free, but to repress and to control. And none of these habits are helping you as actors. Then, what you bring to your headshots, reel, auditions or meetings with a director or casting director is a clogged instrument. No one can connect because you’re not present.

When you can undo that conditioning and actually take yourself as you are, all of your humanity, with the fun parts and the sticky parts, and you can bring that on and share it; then, your aliveness will start to circulate through your instrument, your full potential will be available to make an impact on every aspect of your job, you will be extremely fulfilled, your characters will fly and the audience will be touched.

Watch my training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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