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  • Jo Kelly


Where do you stand on actors making their own content?

People seem to be divided on this one - they either love the idea or just aren’t into it. But the truth is, a lot of actors make their own content, from shorts to web series, plays, feature films or even TV shows. And successfully too!

Among the actors that haven’t taken the leap yet, I often hear them say they really want to, but content creation feels too big a responsibility for them to take on. They have no idea how to begin, find financing, assemble the right team, find the time, and on and on.

I get that; creating your own work can feel pretty scary when you’ve never done it before. It is a big unknown whether it will turn out how you expect or be well received. Plus, you have to build everything from scratch.

Well, let me tell you from experience, there is nothing as liberating, satisfying, fulfilling and self-empowering as doing your own thing and making it happen.

After all, you are an artist, and what is an artist who doesn’t create?

If you wanna move fast and skip to the goodies, you can download this FREE training“STOP TRYING TO BE A GOOD ACTOR SO YOU HAVE A CHANCE AT BEING GREAT"

Now back to our story…

Waiting by the phone for an offer is not wrong, but it's just not a long-term, sustainable solution if you are passionate and committed to being a part of wonderful projects that are meaningful to you!

When you watch my free training, you’ll discover....

  • Why I think creating your own content is well worth the risk

  • The first step you need to take to set yourself up for success

  • How to find unstoppable energy that will carry you through your new endeavors

Watch the video below now.

You’ll also get access to more videos and resources, and connect with more than a THOUSAND like-minded actors across the globe. And who knows, you may find an accountability buddy or partner for your next project!

If you’re not already a member, be sure to request to join ASAP.

See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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