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  • Jo Kelly

Want To Know The Best Present EVER? 🎁

If you’re feeling stuck and full of self doubt when you act, and you're looking for something to help make a radical transformation in your acting, The Reset journey "From Resistance to Freedom" is THE MISSING PIECE you’ve been waiting & looking for.

I've spent 20+ years developing, testing and optimizing this radical and down to earth process that has helped thousands of actors liberate their instruments from resistance ( blocks, tensions, fears, self doubt, needing to please and force) in order for them to be as great as they know they can be so they can book the lead roles they really want to defend to impact their audience.

And now it’s your turn…

If you’re ready to invest in yourself because you know you are worth everything you’ve got...

The Reset Journey is a 33 day, uninterrupted, online Journey designed for actors to Reset and radically awaken, to be 100% free and truthful - for good. Every day, you will work through blocks and rebuild your instinct to unlock your naturally free & authentic instrument so you can finally enjoy the career you have always dreamed of, book the lead roles you actually want and feel fulfilled. This is your LAST CHANCE to save $198 off enrollment.

On January 1st the discounted launch tuition rate expires and the rate increases.

When you enroll, you’ll get:

  • 33 hours of daily coaching video walking you through each exercise, each phase of your Reset Journey, so you have the structure to keep you on track day after day

  • Direct access to Jo during two LIVE Q&As that will also be recorded so you have a chance to submit your questions in advance or directly. This is your opportunity to get coaching on your specific situation. Also Jo just added an extra live with her as a bonus;-)

  • 2 live Pod sessions with other participants and coaches

  • Access to more than you can watch hours of Q&A video recordings from previous participants so you can go deep on your favorite topics

  • Email coaching to keep you accountable, so we can make sure you finish your Journey and actually see results

  • Weekly track sheets to monitor your progress so you keep moving forward

  • 24/7 support and community in our private Group so you stay accountable and use the group energy when you need it

  • 7 Bonus mini-courses

  • Lifetime Access to all the content to revisit whenever you like

The whole Journey is worth over $9900, but you can get started for as low as $165.

(Payment Plan option is 6 monthly payments of $165 each. Pay in full is $795, so you can save 20%. FYI, A lot of actors chose to pay with Paypal Credit. It is extremely easy, and if you would like to get 6 months with no interest to ease your payment and save that 20%, it’s a great option!)

I’m inviting you to invest in YOU, and I'll bring the most radical coaching, structure, support and accountability so you can get the amazing breakthrough you are looking for in your acting and your career :-)

Together, we'll create the results you need that will last a lifetime!

If you need a refresher to see if the Reset Journey is the right fit for you, send us an email to telling us that you want to watch our free training. In it you will learn more about the program and how it can help you.

Hope to see you there! Jo


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