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  • Jo Kelly

What Freedom Feels And Looks Like

When was the last time you felt completely free?

This might be a difficult question to answer, since you may not remember when or you might have even forgotten what freedom feels like in your body. When you do your scenes, you may not feel open and alive. You may shrink and feel closed.

And as an Actor, your art happens when you are free of your conditioning, blocks, tension and when you are fully expressed. When you are free, you are able to be present for your character and defend their needs.

When you were a child and you played with your toys, games and characters, you were truly interested in experiencing what was happening in the moment. You did not care whether you were doing it “right” or “wrong”. And then, you may have had moments like that in your acting career when you were not trying to be interesting, look good, do it “right” or please others. Instead you may have felt joy, bliss, absolute freedom and pure presence. But you may not know how to get to those moments.

When you watch my training below you will discover that the real issue why you stopped being free is because you were conditioned when you were a child. In other words, you were taught how to behave, what to feel and think so you could fit in. Then, you went to an acting school, and you were also told how to act. Inevitably, when you work, you lose all that freedom.

In the Reset Journey, we help you rediscover that freedom. When you reset your instrument, then you feel tremendous joy, excitement, pleasure and inspiration whenever you act. You do not care whether you book your auditions or not. It just feels easy, creative and fun! You stop hiding parts of you. Instead, you show up as the free and full version of yourself. Only then, you can be present for your characters and defend their needs. There is no more acting, no more pushing. The results that come out when you are able to be as free and unique as when you were a child are incredible.

Also, what happens when you audition from this place of freedom is that Casting Directors see you because you are actually there. They do not look at your performance, they see you!

Watch my training to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

After you watch the training, I'd love for you to join in the conversation happening in our private Facebook Group THE INSTINCTIVE ACTORS' SOCIETY. You can get answers for your specific situation directly from me and connect with THOUSANDS of like-minded actors across the globe, so we can move things forward faster together.

If you're not already a member, be sure to request to join ASAP here.

See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

P.S. Whenever you're ready, here are two ways I can help you:


  • Get on the waitlist for my program, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom, and stop struggling to access your natural, authentic talent in the audition room or on set. You'll learn how to reset your instrument to be 100% instinctive and free in just 33 days.



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