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  • Jo Kelly

What It Truly Means To Be An Instinctive Actor.

As actors, you may not know what being an instinctive actor means. And yet, this may be the reason why you took on acting and became an actor. You may have watched a performance that changed your life and impacted you because it was so beautifully alive, truthful, unexpected and present. That’s an instinctive performance: it means the actor doesn’t know where his performance is going to go because he is not actually acting, but being present and in the moment. So if you stay present to the moment and not ahead of yourself in a method or in a technique to deliver these lines, then the only thing that can show up is your truth.

When you watch my training below you will discover that your instinct is what is under all your controlling mechanisms, conditioning and everything you were told you should be doing in order to behave yourself and be a good person. When you’re instinctive, you feel fulfilled because you are being yourself in a free and truthful way; also casting directors, directors and producers will be able to see YOU being the character uniquely instead of you acting out a scene. Inevitably, they will think of you for other roles or re-write the role description for you because no one comes into the audition room being authentically instinctive. And you are able to inspire the audience to look at life in a different way and change their perspective with your truth. But first you need to be able to tap into your instinct.

However, if you tap into the “right” way to do a scene, into some acting method or technique; the performance will be generic, unfulfilling and will have nothing to do with your true instinct inside your character’s circumstances. You will be pushing or trying to manipulate the outcome of your performance.

You were born instinctive but you have something on top of your instinct called conditioning. In other words, you were educated to think, feel and behave as you were told. You were not raised to be yourself, to have your own opinions and express your own emotions freely. So in order to be an instinctive actor, first you need to work through your conditioning and resistance and then muscle up your instinct so you can go back to your truth, freedom, humanity and aliveness that only you have.

Watch the training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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