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This topic has generated the most comments in this community. Naturally, actors are always being looked at and this can be triggering because many of us feel a certain way about how we look. 👀 It’s not comfortable when you feel you feel you’re being watched and you only want to be concerned with your character.

So I’d like us to discuss what’s behind how you perceive how you look and the commitment that you pour into the character you’re defending. In order to be committed to a character, your instrument has to be unbound and free. 🆓

When you’re catching yourself worrying about your appearance instead of being concerned about your character’s needs, then it means that you’re using your physical attributes to get out because you’re not really committed.

If you’re completely committed to your character, there’s no room to think about your looks. There’s no room for your ego because you’re busy being someone else.

When you watch my training you'll discover that your looks are never in the way of your acting. The only thing that’s standing in the way is how present you can be and whether or not you’re committed to your character. When you’re really engaged and alive with your character, you’re not concerned with what you look like. Then the people watching you see beyond what you look because you’re the essence of life.

That’s what people want to hire. 🎬 That’s when they change the casting for you, because you’ve brought life to a role.

When we can free up our instrument to be in our body, loving what is there no matter what it looks like, you’re available for your characters and the story.

So, when you feel triggered by how you look, remember the solution is not to change how you look or try to be more confident.

Rather, compensate with passion.💫

Watch my training now to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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