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WOW the last 2 years have been CRAZY... But I AM BACK!!!!

Hi Guys, It’s been forever and if I trust my last Facebook feed, you haven’t heard from me since July 2015.

A lot of you have been asking when I was going to be around for group workshops again and I wanted to explain why I had literally disappeared from planet earth, but I was unable to do so until now because for the last 8 months my family has been through a health Tsunami.

So, I am not going to go into too many details, but here is what you need to know:

*Fantastic news- I got pregnant early 2015 and Tyger, our new magnificent baby girl was born in January 2016!!!

*Unexpected news- Tyger came into this world with a rare genetic condition which initially put us in a tremendous emotional turmoil as it was the scariest and most intense experience ever.

*News update- Today our baby Tyger has adapted very well and I can confirm her name is perfect for her!!!

As far as the rest of our family is concerned we are doing great too. As a matter of fact, this frightening journey, demanded that we pull the biggest resources inside of us. Resources that we didn’t even know we had. And those incredible teachings… have empowered us for ever.

So it’s with that new strength and expanded vision that I am coming back to work! More than ever, I am eager to roll up my sleeves and enjoy your delicious instruments. Reminding them what they already know, what is essential to them.

I can’t wait to start and coach with you again soon!

PS: In the meantime, I am putting the finishing touches on a new exciting online workshop for which I am opening up 4 spots.

If you wanna know more, CLICK HERE.

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