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  • Jo Kelly

Do you want to feel confident when you act? DON’T!!

I am so excited about writing this blog cuz I realize everyone I have ever started working with wants it: C O N F I D E N C E And I was reminded of that the other day cuz I started working with a European actress who recently moved to LA and was referred to come work with me by her agent. Her words were something like this: "Jo, I am so excited to meet you. I have been wanting to work in Hollywood forever; this is my dream. I finally have papers to work, I have an accent coach, and I really want to build up my confidence to the top with you so I can do great auditions." This girl had a plan, and she was ready to eat up Hollywood. 😉 Only, I had to STOP her right away... I said, “Boogie, I never help actors build their confidence.” Her face went like this ---> 🤔😕😟😞 until she finally said: “What do you mean?!” I replied warmly: Confidence is what you -THE ACTRESS- wants to feel in the audition room, right?! She nodded, but she was obviously confused... So I added, “Walking into an audition wanting to feel confident would mean you are taking care of your ego’s needs before your CHARACTER’S needs… The result is a performance during which you try to maintain your own emotional composure instead of opening up to your character’s needs. You don’t do your job when you try to be confident, and serving your character is your only responsibility.” Boogie looked like she was starting to regret she had ever met me 😜 when she said, “But I really do want to be a confident actress, there is nothing wrong with that!”

To which I replied:

"I understand Boogie, it’s very human. And you can do that in this city, for sure. Go to traditional acting class, they will teach you a method; you will get confident and you will be a good actress. The work I do with actors, - and other artists like singers and writers- is that we work on being nothing less than GREAT, not good. And you simply cannot get access to your greatness by being confident." Louder, Boogie asked, “But how do you do that, then?!” I felt that she was ready to start working, so I gave her a little glimpse on the work we would do together: “We will start by purging your resistance, blocks, fear, etc., and then we will muscle up your instinct so you can rely on it. The reason we do this is because, when you carry too much resistance or fear, you get attached to result & success, and you therefore become too heavy to be present and open to your character. Instead you are stuck in your ego, looking for… confidence to keep your head above water. However, once you have worked through your resistance you’ll then have access to your instinct, which is where your greatness lies. And we will muscle it up! It’s been sitting there, doing nothing for years. So once we get access to it, we will wake it up, shake it up and make it your best friend, so that you can be in the moment, acting from instinct and not from wanting to be good." This was really starting to make sense for Boogie. The work we will do is switching from “wanting to be confident” to TRUSTING your instrument in order to be available for your character so you can fulfill their needs. I knew Boogie was on board cuz she was teary when she shared, “I wanna do this, I know there is something in me that I haven’t been able to access, to tap into, and I know it’s great. I am good, I know that too. I am a good actress, but I want the other thing.” We all have that other great thing. We really do all have it. It just takes you deciding to take the big leap. I encourage you all to take the risk. IT IS SO SO SO REWARDING. It’s like finally coming to life…. If you want to dive deeper into this discussion with me, join me for a free LIVE training and Q&A session this Thursday, August 2 at 1:45pm PDT. All you need to do to participate is join my online community at the link below.

It’s interactive too, so you can ask questions and discuss your personal situation DIRECTLY WITH ME.

Hope to see you there! Jo


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