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  • Jo Kelly

It’s official! The annual LIVE journey from resistance to FREEDOM will start in September!

I am very excited to announce that I will be giving my annual LIVE 33 day journey in September.


Yes, I only offer this program in-person ONCE a year. So now is the only time to get it.

If you have been following me for a while and got interested in the blogs or videos about how you can work through your blocks and access your freedom...

Or if you have worked with me in the past but you have never taken the 33 day journey “From Resistance to Freedom”...





Really, I mean it. I am dead serious about this.

W H Y?

Because if you are not fully, and totally, and always -even under pressure- completely free & authentic when you act, it is because you haven’t paid enough attention to the resistance that is actually running your instrument. And therefore, controlling your access to your freedom when you act AND your results AND your success.

Yes, that is right. Your blocks, tensions, and fears are running your show!!!

And if they are not 100% in control, they are at least ruining your possibility to show up fully.

What I mean is that even if your resistance is running your show just 50% and you are unaware of it, by taking CARE OF IT you will access your full potential and BE MAGNETIC AS AN ACTOR straight away.

Why would you tolerate living anything less than 100% of the extraordinary capacity that is sitting inside you right now?

There is absolutely no reason to tolerate that cuz you do deserve it to be extraordinary.

So… if you need a preview or taste of what this could feel like, join me on August 25th for a FREE webinar that you absolutely can’t miss!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I know you have already put a lot of time and effort into acting classes, but the 33 day journey is not another acting class at all.

People call it THE MISSING PIECE they wish they had when they first started acting because it is not just another “method”. It is simply giving you access to your unleashed instrument and humanity, so you can become irresistible and therefore undeniable.

Are you wondering how that is even possible?

The radical tools in this free webinar have helped a couple thousand international actors book the roles they wanted and even - often- the roles casting didn't want to see them for but ended up rewriting for them!

What I am proposing is that you stop doing what doesn't work and try something radically different. Not something I am going to teach you, but something you will experience for yourself on August 25th. You can trust this revolutionary approach to bring out your uniqueness and magnetism so you can become the actor no one can say no to.

THE MAGNETIC ACTOR webinar August 25, 2018 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern / 20h00 CEST

No more showing up small. No more being great in your car and not in the audition room. Just being purely MAGNETIC…

Check it out now, and I hope you’ll join me on August 25th


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