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How To Be An Instinctive Actor In Comedy

In my Instinctive Actors' Society, I help actors reset their instrument so they can be completely authentic and 100% in the zone when they act, even under pressure. I bet when you think of intense moments in an audition room or while on set filming, you’re thinking of a dramatic scene.

But comedy can be just as scary (and not scary haha, but nerve-wracking, stomach churning, palms sweating, can I really do this? scary).

I hear from a lot of actors that struggle with comedy every day. They say things like…

  • “I can’t do comedy. Some actors are naturally funny, and some aren’t. And I’m not.”

  • “I take comedy classes, but I just can’t seem to capture the right rhythm. It’s so frustrating!”

  • “I know this is comedy, but what do I do if I don’t think it’s funny?”

I get it. This is a lot of pressure for something that is supposed to be fun, right?

I remember clearly when I started acting and had to execute a comedy scene in acting class, I was always trying to be funny. I thought there was a tone, a rhythm, that old “comedic timing” that I just had to master and then I could make people laugh. It didn’t work out so well.

But once I changed my perspective on what comedy really was and how I could approach it from an instinctive place (even if I didn’t think I was naturally funny), I found that I could be not only free and ALIVE in a scene, but make people laugh too!

So I hosted a LIVE training session and Q&A to pull back the curtain and share what what instinct can do for any actor struggling to do comedy. The video is normally just for members of my private online community, The Instinctive Actors' Society, but today, I’m giving you access to it.

Here are a few highlights we covered:

  • Let's start by defining what comedy really is: it's not something that makes you the actor laugh, for one. It's something that makes the audience laugh.

  • When you're completely authentic and unaware of the need to be funny, it's the juxtaposition (the surprise, if you will) between you and the situation that creates the comedy.

  • The mechanics of comedy are the same as drama. Be present in the moment. Listen. What's happening in the room? What happening with your scene partner? When you're stuck in your head and trying to be socially "normal" when you act, all these awkward and sticky emotions come up, like what you think you should do in the scene, whether anyone laughs in the room, judging your performance while you're giving it. When you can be present in the moment, instead of inside your head, all these other things fall away. And that is where the comedy lies. Plus, it's way more interesting for you and the audience than forced rhythm and pat gags. It's real, it's alive!

Before you watch the video, take a moment to join the waitlist for my next LIVE Instictive Actor webinar. It's totally free, and the exercises we will do during the masterclass will help you work through all those sticky emotions and impulses that come up in the audition room and on set.

Click the image below to join the waitlist, and I'll let you know as soon as the next round is available.

You'll also learn how to begin strengthening and empowering your instinct, so you have impulses that come naturally rather than the reactive way you've been conditioned to behave. You'll be able to tap in the AUTHENTIC YOU, listen to it and hold on to that connection, so you can utilize it whenever you need it.

Now, enjoy the video training!

Have you had to face difficult moments with comedy? What blocks or tensions have come up for you that you need guidance around? Let me know in the comments below.

And join me every week for free LIVE training session and Q&As JUST LIKE THIS ONE. Simply click the image below to get access to the private online community!

Now you'll never miss another session, and have access to all our previous training videos. PLUS, it's the #1 place to ask me acting questions and connect with other artists.

Until next time!



Whenever you’re ready, here are TWO ways I can help you:

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