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  • Jo Kelly

How To Apply Your Instinct On Set.

As actors, you may feel afraid to be instinctive on set because you may think you need to submit to the director and to respect preconceived ideas about the character and the story. Showing up fully instinctive can be scary since you got the job and you don’t want to disrespect the directors’ direction and get fired.

And at the same time, you know that the performances that move you, make a difference and impact an audience are instinctive and not planned ahead. So you may have tried to look as natural as you can but respecting the story and giving the director what he or she wants.

When you do this, you stop doing whatever you want, following your impulses and expressing your truth in the moment. At the end of the day, your performance is not going to impact the audience or make a huge difference because you’re not being free, truthful and alive.

You’re just listening to and following directions like a puppet.

When you watch my training below you will discover that the problem of you not being able to be instinctive on set is not because of the pressure on set. The reason why you’re afraid of being instinctive on set is because what you have experienced of your instinct is not your instinct. You may think that being instinctive means to rebel against the director, the story or the character, so that’s why you’re not using it. But your true instinct is your whole humanity

However, you do not have access to your instinct because you haven’t been invited to be in your true humanity. On the contrary, you have been conditioned to feel, think and behave in a certain way; to be “appropriate”, to do things “right”, so you can please the authority. Therefore, you learn to disconnect yourself from your truth and put a mask on top of your instinct. Inevitably, when it comes to honoring that instinct on set, you think that can’t be right, that is rebellious.

When you do the work of unconditioning yourself, you have access to your real instinct that lies under that mask; you get your truth and unique way to be human back; you rediscover your capacity to be present, open to everything, which is way bigger than the director’s vision; you bring true life to your character and story. That is exhilarating for you and magnetic to see.

Watch the training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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