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Hi guys,

So I really wanted to talk about overwhelm this week. Talk about being overwhelmed, who can even write this word?! By the way, if there is anyone out there who isn't overwhelmed, please let me know, I'd love to meet you! The luxury nowadays is not money, it's TIME!!! I often hear people say, if only I had more time? Or this day is so short! really?! I mean it's only ever been 24hours/day. Same for Einstein... And yet he probably achieved way more than us right? Why is that? Why is it that we feel we have no time? Here comes good old overwhelm again... The access we have to information, whether we want it or not, is way TOO BIG in a way. It feels like now that we have it, we might as well enjoy it and read/watch/listen/experience/tweet it all, but can't. That is unless you make it your job to know everything about everyone on this planet. Social media? Great, I know what kind of cream my friends put on their dry feet, but does that really make my life better? NO! Does that make me happier? Freakin NO! Does that help me in terms of time management? Hell NO!

So what do we do? What do we do, when we have so much coming at us ( not to mention the IOS7 that is a whole storm of its own) and we don't know what to do with it. Do we just ignore it and hence become IGNORANT!?

Have you ever wondered why there is less geniuses nowadays than a while back ( good old Einstein Mozart, Freud?) What?! Who are these guys? Well those guys had one thing to play with: them selves! (yes and I mean that in every way you dirty-pot ...So yes, they became extremely good at what they were deciding to do. I actually believe that nowadays, if you try to do too much out there, it's toxic to your development, wellbeing, creativity, decision power, and ultimately, your BLISS!

So think about it, before you buy another dozen self help books, or sign up for another class that is gonna teach you about life mysteries/ your success/your grandma, think, pause. Everything you need is already in you, there is an indefinite source to tap from and enjoy. You are well already. You are magnificent as you are. Decide what you wanna do with yourself and the right information will come to you. And make sure you are not being too influenced by what is out there...cuz you might loose yourself!

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