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  • Jo Kelly

The one thing I take away & cherish from this election

So what can one say about today? About these crazy elections.

Not much.

A lot.

Nothing that hasn’t been said before.

So I won’t do any of the above mentioned.

I will just walk away with having been reminded of one important lesson. If not the most important in my opinion.

Listening to Hilary’s concession speech today, moved me to tears.

She has given this campaign everything she had. She fought real hard and she lost. And though this is “ a painful setback”, her speech only focusses on getting back up, continuing to love her country, finding communion and making official that she will continue to honor her fight because there is still work to do and that is where her passion is.

As humans, as artists, it’s common to not risk enough, to find excuses, to say we don’t have enough time, or too many things to do rather than to actually give our work and passion everything we’ve got and risk to really fail and get hurt. It does hurt to fail, so we might chose to never actually get up to deliver a proper battle.

But that is not how the world was built, that is not how nature grows or how babies learn to walk.

We need to get up for our passion everyday, fail and get back up, fail and get back up, succeed, move forward, fail and get back up. And yes, it’s the journey that matters. The goal is only the excuse to actually stretch and find the energy. If you are passionate it must be only the journey that matters. That is why we are here, that’s why we create as artists, because we love making, creating, doing. Not arriving. There is nothing there.

Dare to dream, dare to want, dare to risk, dare to fail, dare to be hurt, dare to be consumed. And then… dare to try again and fly.

If you want to fly high, I hope I can be of service along your reach and witness just that.

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